Online restaurant search and food ordering app ‘Zomato’ is already in hot water over their new outdoor ad campaigns.

Zomato recently rolled out a bunch of hilarious and cheeky ad hoardings throughout the Delhi and the National Capital Region. The outdoor ads include witty one liners, bollyood puns, hilarious rhymes and pop culture references.




These ad campaigns with funny creatives are doing rounds on Facebook and Twitter. While a lot of people are appreciating the creativity of Zomato.




Others are doing what Indians do the best – getting offended over absolutely nothing. This one particular ad hoarding is a pun on Hindi swear words and it didn’t go down too well on social media. People are calling it sexist and a cheap way to grab eyeballs.




But some people came in Zomato’s defense and tried to talk some sense into these offended beings.

But following the outrage, Zomato’s co-founder Pankaj Chaddah apologised for the ad, and agreed to take it down. “Hey, while we didn’t mean to, we can see why it can be offensive to people, and we apologize for it. We will take this ad down with immediate effect. cc @AksharPathak @prao24,” he wrote.

Zomato’s art director Akshar Pathak, who wrote this controversial ad, made a joke about working on a replacement creative.