After all the YouTube vs TikTok fiasco and TikTok getting banned in India, YouTube has launched its own short-video feature namely YouTube shorts in India.

YouTube Shorts would not be existing as a different app, rather, the service is being merged into the main YouTube app for all the Indian users, where it will appear with a specific “create” button.


Thinking what was the most exclusive update after Insta reels? Yes, this is it and honestly at this point all these apps just feel he same.



  • It will be featured on the YouTube home screen, making it easier for the audience to use it.
  • It will be launching in ‘early beta’ but India would be the first country where it would be launched.
  • YouTube Shorts is the latest short video app which has the audacity to replace TikTok.

Well, for now as the agency has stated, it would be available only for the android users. But eventually, when time rolls it would be available for iOS as well.

Their main deficit behind this was to focus on creating a platform which fills the void of the TikTok ban in India, which they successfully made it happen.


YouTube stated that in the coming weeks they have a lot more to address on to bring in a variety of changes and updates to fulfill the needs of people and keep them happy. In the next few months or weeks they’ll be updating the tools and an easier way to watch all the short videos. Hence, they would also be giving much importance to the audience for the constructive feedback so that they can work on fixing it.

Features of YouTube Shorts-

  • It mainly comes up with TikTok like features – the speed, timer and countdown.
  • It will also have a multi segment camera, in case they can let users string multiple clips together.
  • The Users can also get to add music to their videos from a large library of songs that YouTube promises will continue to grow with time to focus on the needs and updates in that specific time.
  • The countdown function will let all the audience to shoot a video without having to press the button monotonously and within a set time frame, so that there is no issue in using it.

Finally, Facebook launched Instagram Reels inside the app right after India banned TikTok in June. There are dozen more local competitors and only time can tell if YouTube shorts would be fulfilling the needs of their users or not.