YJHD came out 7 years ago and it’s one of those films that hold a very special personal meaning for all of us. Honestly, how often do we get a Bollywood film these days that makes us feel a whole spectrum of emotions in the span of two hours like it did ?! It’s so beautiful ki jitni tareef karlo, utni kam hai.


Out of all its amazing elements, the soundtrack needs special appreciation. It has a song-for-literally-every-mood kind music album that adds extra magic to the film.

Chaliye, is appreciation ko aage badhaate hain…



“ooooooohhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”

My playlist plays this song randomly and immediate Feelsss I swear. Chillz. It’s STILL my go-to motivation song any day. The lyrics of this song speak to you personally. No other song can ever match the vibe this song gives. And the line “kal pe sawaal hai, jeena filhaal hai” hits different every damn time!



” pa pa ra pa raaa, pa pa ra pa raa, paraa raa”

A song that gives you instant rush of dopamine. Aur har party mein ye gaana bajna is obviously mandatory ! Lyrics aaj tak samjh nahi aaye but DJ pe my brain still confidently sings it like:

Paan Main Pudeena Dekha
Naak Ka Nageena Dekha
Chikni Chameli Dekhi
Chikna Kameena Dekha
Chaand Ne Cheater Hoke Cheat Kiya Toh
Saare Taare Bole Gilli Gilli Akhaa


” subhanallah aaaaaa aaa aaaaa”

This movie had such an a+ soundtrack that even a REALLY wholesome song like this went underappreciated. The beats, the music, the lyrics and the pure innocence that this song has, brings a different kind of freshness to the mood. Also, the line “Jo ho raha hai pehli dafa hai” hits different when you start falling in love with someone.



“oo ooo ooooo oo”

Koi sense hai is gaane ki? Humein bahut lag rahi thi.

You listen to this song once and you cannot get it out of your mind for at least two weeks. Dimaag mein chadh jaata hai ekdum. And like, go read the lyrics ek baar, you’ll realize that banda har cheez sacrifice karne ko taiyaar hai just to be with this girl. Kahaan milta hai aisa pyaar yaar? Humein bhi dedo thoda.



“Re Kabira Maan Jaaaaa, Re Faqeera Maan Jaaaaaa”

After all these years, this song still has my heart. It’s so beautiful that it has the power to evoke a wave of overwhelming emotions that I didn’t even know existed in me. That’s it. Just plain old appreciation for this gem that we still listen to when we are sad.

Ok I’m gonna go listen to it again.



“Re Kabira, Re Kabira… Re Fakeera, Re Fakeera…”

“But yE dOno SamE hI toH hAi”

NO. Only a true YJHD fan knows the difference. This version has separate own fan base because of the “bano re bano meri chali sasural ko”. LOVE IT.



“Ghagra Ghagra Tera Ghagra Ghagra Tera Ghaghra Ghaghra Via Agra…Ghagra Ghagra”

Madhuri Dixit in this song is just WOW. It has become the official ladki walo ka performance song in shaadis. The lyrics of this song are actually very smart, matlab kabhi soch bhi nahi sakte ki ghagra aur agra ko rhyme karke ek itna crazy gaana ban sakta hai. Amaze.




“Haan, Bole Re Zamana Kharabi Ho Gayi”

Bas life mei utna hi maza chahiye hai jitna Deepika ko iss song mei aa raha hai. I know it’s our national Holi anthem and all but I still play it at night on full volume sometimes and have a crazy dance session!


Be it 7 years or 70 years, the songs of YJHD will stay locked in our hearts FOREVER.

Baaki to kal pe sawaal hai, jeena filhaal hai. Isiliye is pal mei inko jitna sun sakte ho sun lo.