In just another part of “Life ki choti khushiyaan”, here are some sweet words/phrases that instantly bring a smile on our face !


“Phir Milengey”

Ji. I know goodbyes hurt different but jab voh goodbye “Phir Milenge” mein convert ho jaye toh ek alag sense of fulfilment aata hai. We as human beings are afraid of endings, so ‘Phir Milenge’ are just 2 words that remind us, nahi, abhi aur baatein, aur adventures, aur stories, aur picture baaki hain. 🙂



Haan yaar, bolo yaar, kya hua yaar. It’s not a word, it’s a feeling.. a feeling that changes with context and tone. “Yaaaaar” can mean “i’m sad and i want 3 hugs” or it can also mean “um I accidentally stabbed someone 3 times, I need you to bail me out.”

Aur jab dost pyar se yaar bolta hai, my heart melts instantly.


“Rajma chawal bann gaye hain”

Oh ho mummy jaan hi lelo, itni khushi, itni khushi mujhe aaj tak nahi hui. By god, ye phrase sunte hi din bann jata hai aur kuch nahi chahiye. (kadhi chawal also works, and chhole chawal!)



When chhotu se niece and nephew call you those names, it’s a different level of pyaaaaar and nothing can ever top it! Like, it makes you realize you’re an adult and these tidde humans actually look up to you. It’s the best feeling ever! 🙂

“I miss you”

The most comforting, reassuring words you can hear. Like, a human understanding that I know we’ve either not seen each other in a very long time or even talked, but I wish it wasn’t like that but it is and it sucks.

If “I miss you” doesn’t make you smile and cry a little, you’re missing emotions bro.


“I saw you in dream today.”

My brain: “You… saw. me?? in your dream? in a world that your brain created on its own? & you remembered me? is it cuz you were thinking about me before sleeping? which me 

Them: yeah i saw you, you got hit by a truck

I still think it’s very cute when you visit someone’s dream, even if it’s to get bit by a zombie or something!


“Beta, ek help kardena”

Honestly, jab bhi mummy, papa help maangne aate hai, itna underrated-ly happy and nice lagta hai, I am speechless. To know that you can of help to a set of people who’ve devoted their lives to you is another flex. So “haan pap, batao kya kaam hai? Fb pe photo upload karni hai?


“Class is cancelled today”

Obviously, HOW COULD I MISS THAT? This over the top feeling of not having to study is my favourite. Chahe college mein ya phir online classes. At least now I can do nothing without the regret of doing nothing. Lo chali mai (sone)


“Arrey mai hoon na”

Instant ear to ear smile when someone says “mai hoon na” or “I’m here for you” and totally means it. It’s a nice feeling, like you’re in this together. Idk, it’s really nice. But obviously you gotta reply “isse ka toh darr hai idiot” for the culture.


We don’t all big shot things in life, we humans are very sweet yaar, hum itni si khushiyon mei hi maan jaate hain 🙂