Recently, contributing to the mysteries of 2020, a lot of billboards have popped up across cities asking people to stock up Pepsi, Maggi, Dairy Milk, Dark Fantasy, etc etc to prepare for the 13th (?)

What’s weird is that all the big FMCG brands have put up the same billboards “13th ki tayyari kijiye, aur [insert their product] stock kar lijiye.”

What is this, a crossover episode??

many billboards showing brand products and text "13th ki taiyaari kar lijiye, (product name) stock kar lijiye"


A lot of people are sharing the photos on social media with their wildest theories:

  • It could either be because Indian TV shows are resuming from 13th
  • or maybe a new grocery app is coming (if it’s Jio Basket I’mma smack someone I swear to bhagwan)
  • or perhaps they’ll remove the billboards on 13th and we’ll have a Munna Bhaiya ka poster behind with Mirzapur S2 announcement??? PLEASE?

ok idek, nothing surprises me anymore.




There is still not much clarity over the agenda of this new ‘Unity in Diversity’ ad campaign from all these brands but Bingo sure as hell gave a mad angle to this whole campaign and won this round anyway! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a billboard sshowing bingo's brand photo of mad angles and text"bingo!stock karne ke lite tareekh ki zaroorat nahin"


I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy these billboard banter of brands.

No idea what’s gonna happen on 13th but do we really need a reminder to stock up on those snacks? no sir no we have got it covered. smh


Guess till then Bingo wins this round of Billboard banter !