Some movies and TV shows woo us with these friendship duos and here is us appreciating some of the most wholesome platonic friendships of all time.

two men standing in the background, one man poking a women on her forehead in a sweet way


Elaine and Jerry

a woman hugging a man

They dated once. It didn’t work out. Became friends. And now they’re best friends who share platonic love! Fun, feels, love, and everything in between. One of my absolute faves !!!!


Daisy and Oswald

an animated sunflower and an octopus in a party scene

The most wholesome friendship of all time. A very chill sunflower and a kind blue octopus 🙂 Reminds you of anyone ?


Natasha and Clint

a man looking at a woman sitting on a bench

REALLY LOVE how they kept the  friendship between Black Widow and Hawkeye purely platonic until the very end and by very end, I mean when Nat sacrificed herself to save hi- I need a cry break brb :))


Penny and Sheldon

a woman hugging a man

It’s literally the purest friendship of all time. A very “we’re both vvvv different annoying but I love you anyway and I’m gonna stick with you forever but ew stop being so annoying loser” kinda friendship!

Rachel and Joey

a man and woman looking at each other sitting on a couch

We talk about Joey and Phoebe in the first part, but hello??? Joey and Rachel are just as CUTE & PURE, if not more! both of them were always there for each other through thick and thin, highs and lows. A very goof bro I love you like family kinda friendship. (last season mei thoda idhar udhar hogaya but that’s ok)


Steve and Robin

a girl and boy sitting back to back amidst a fight, the boy has some blood on his face

Absolutely loved their dynamic in season 3 of Stranger Things. That neat little twist at the end only made their friendship stronger and love platonic ! Looking forward to the next season.

Michael and Pam

a man and woman looking at each other sitting on chair in an office

Their dynamic is just beautiful. She LITERALLY quit her job to join his company, cuz that’s the kind of stupid shitfriends do for each other. Also, the art gallery scene has my heart.


Aditi and Bunny

a boy hugging a girl

Tbh they could have explored their friendship more, but it was still heartwarming to see cuz we rarely get that in Bollywood films. Petition for them to make a spinoff with these two !!!


Ted and Lilly

a woman wearing Christmas hat and hugging a man

And obviously can’t have the list without mentionainh hese two. Just seeing them together warms my heart. We all deserve a friend who calls us out on our bullshit but from a place of love. And gives us honest advice when we need it. They’re like your family. Best platonic duo !

These duos in our favourite movies and TV shows have made them more wholesome and loving and instantly make your hearts go awww 🙂