While love stands to hold different meanings for different people, there are some types of love that are universally accepted and hold the same meaning for each one of us.


Source: Amen clinics

Getting a proper, uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep and waking up well rested, happy & fresh, not like a human zombie who’s been dead Inside for 2 years.


Finally getting to the bottom bit of cornetto!


Fun Flips ke end mei baccha hua masala.


Source: Glass door

Finding a perspective or coming to a realization on certain something that was bothering you for MONTHS but now suddenly it doesn’t seem to bother you anymore & you feel free?


Source: iDiva

Getting your hair oiled by your mom followed by a head massage.


Eating uncooked strands of maggi noodles while you’re still making it.


Randomly finding something from your childhood days which just opens up a box of happy, comforting memories of the simpler times!


Source: Guilding Tech

When you find someone who regularly asks about your day and seems genuinely interested in knowing all the little mundane things that happen in your tiny little world.


Naa zyada khatta, na zyada meetha. Just the perfectly juicy and balanced taste of Mango which gives you the power to go through summers without losing your mind.


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