In this world full of Raj, Rahul, Neha and Simran, there are some luckily unlucky people who have a weird but unique name and here’s how their life ke dukh, dard aur struggle.


Attendance is THE WORST

Especially with new professors or substitute teachers. You know it’s your name when they pause for a second and squint their eyes thinking ye gibberish kisne likh diya galti se paper pe but you automatically raise your hand and say “present.”

Ye kahan struggle hai, yeh story of life hai.

Creative Pronunciations

Honestly, you’re SO accustomed to people pronouncing it all wrong, you don’t even bother to correct them anymore. Bol lo bhai jo bolna hai, bas pareshan mat karo mujhe.

“Chunresh?” “It’s Charansh”

“Churneshwapura-” “Haanji. Exactly.”

michael scott grumpy face


People are constantly asking if they can call you something else, a nickname of sorts so their two brain cells can easily manage to say correctly. :)) 

And now you have so many nicknames it’s hard to keep up sometimes tbh

Placing orders

When you are placing an order and they ask your name, you straight up cut to the chase & spell it out for them “C-H-A-R-A-N-S-H” because a) you know samjh vaise bhi nahi aayega b) publicly embarrass aur kar denge c) mujhey bas vegstar wrap khana hai, pareshan mat karo.


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Jokes and Komedy

Bas woh hi ghisse pite puns and wordplays on your name jo ki tum school time se sunte aa rahe ho. Now you don’t even get offended or anything, you’re just like “uda lo Mazak but at least thoda creative toh hojaao xD”

Roz ka struggle

And Har kisi ko ooooooohhh nahi milta aaaah yahaan personalized keychain ya necklace zindagi mei

It’s like your life is a Friends ka episode and your name is Chanandler Bong.

MISS* Chanandler Bong

a still from the tv show frends with chandler saying "it's actually miss chanandlar bong"

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One good Hooman

But sometimes in life you come across those human gems who pronounce your name ekdum correctly in the first go and you’re ju- *tears of happiness* itne pyaar ki aadat nahi hai, taani ji.


Sometimes you wish you were a Neha, or a Rohit, or a Rahul, or smthn, but you know you wouldn’t get the handles and email IDs you have today if your name wasn’t unique and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.