From Shaan to KK we really really miss some vocalists and would love to hear more songs from them. Here is a list of some of the vocalists we really really miss and it would be an absolute blessing to hear more from them.

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Sonu Nigam

a close up of a man wearing earpieces and singing on a mic

“Aapka favorite singer kaun hai?” “Sonu Nigam” 10 yo me said that, and nothing has changed. One of the most talented vocalists I have ever come across and to praise him with a few words would be a shame. The Deewana album was the holy grail for romantics across the country. The sheer volume of songs he has sung speaks of his popularity and I say, “Why not more??”


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Krishnakumar Kunnath or KK, is the living proof of the phrase that the voice of a vocalist becomes younger as they grow older. At 49, he sounds no less than an 18-year old. The 2000s were dominated by this vocalist who had been the voice of youth & mesmerized everybody with songs like “Zara Sa” and “Kya mujhe pyaar hai” It is tough to imagine an Emran Hashmi movie without a song from KK. And now the Bollywood is saturated with crap and I can’t help but miss him more…

Javed Ali

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Imagine it’s 2009. You came back home after an evening’s game of cricket and the TV is playing Tum Miley by Javed Ali and you begin to fantasize about your crush that would soon reject you in the coming weeks as you now know. Javed Ali has been a staple in romantic songs in Bollywood with his amazing voice control and soothing voice. It has been a while since I heard him doing a song for a major movie and I’m just wondering, why???????????????????


Sunidhi Chauhan

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Sunidhi Chauhan has given hits right after her advent into Bollywood. She has a deeper voice than other female vocalists thus giving it a unique texture and she has voiced some of my favourite dance numbers like, “Chor Bazari” from Love Aaj Kal and “Beedi Jalaile” from Omkara. Her powerful vocals in “Udi” from Guzarish still gives me goosebumps and I would love to hear her again in a similar hit.

Alka Yagnik

a woman wearing a saree singing on the stage with one hand up high and other holding the mic

You can tell me off by saying, “Ok, boomer” anytime now but I grew up as a 90’s kid vibing and loving Alka Yagnik for being the Queen of Bollywood’s romantic movies. “Salaam” from Umrao Jaan really has my heart and I can’t help but miss her more as I grow tired of hearing most of the vocalists these days marinating in autotuned tracks and uninspired vocals.


Abhijeet Bhattacharya

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THERE NEVER WAS A VOICE MORE SUITED FOR SRK IN BOLLYWOOD SONGS THAN HIS. Period! You’re lying if you said you never sang “Wo Ladki Jo” from Badshah and “Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha” from Mai Hoon Na at every school picnic by stretching out your arms and imitating SRK, in a failed attempt of course. Such was the magic of Abhijeet Bhattacharya and why can’t we have him back? 🙁

Roop Kumar Rathod

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Listen to “Tere Liye” from Veer Zara once again and cry your eyes out for that is the virtue of Roop Kumar Rathod’s vocals, powerful yet sensitive. His vocals in “Barso Yaaron” from London Dreams blew my mind. He hasn’t been limited by any particular genre & with a voice trained for years, is one of the most complete vocalist I have ever seen. Sadly, we don’t hear from him much now. Why, Bollywood?

Shafqat Amanat Khan

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Shafqat Amanat Khan is a ball of natural talents with a voice that pierces your heart. We have all vibed with “Bin Tere” from I Hate Love Stories and “Mora Saiyaan mose bole na” from his band Fuzon and I can’t help but wonder why isn’t he doing any more songs in Bollywood.


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Tbh ‘Kya Maine socha’ from Rakht is the only remake I will approve of. There was a time I liked it even better than one love but as we outgrow ourselves by time, Shaan matured in the industry from songs like “Wo ladki hai kahan” to “Chand Sifarish”. A contemporary of KK, he is one of those people who make you think ki ye banda dil se gaata hai bro.But wo, “Kahan gaya usey dhoondo?”:(


Those were the days of golden music and just glad that even if new songs are not coming up, their evergreen hit songs are always going to be with us and give us them FEELS !