16 Quotes About Virat Kohli By Legendary Cricketers Around The World

Virat kohli quotes cricketers

Happy Birthday to India’s ace of chase and cricket world’s youngest legend, Virat Kohli.


Virat Kohli has probably broken more records in 2017 than we have scored marks this semester, it’s no wonder he’s considered to be the youngest cricket legend around the world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t witness Sachin Tendulkar play in his early days but I’ve watched Virat Kohli play since Under 19 Cricket World Cup and boy, it’s been an absolute pleasure. But it’s not just me who’s been blown away by his consistent mind-blowing performance.


Here’s what cricketers around the world think about Virat Kohli:



Yuvraj Singh


“There are players who are in form and there’s Virat Kohli who wins you matches again and again.”


David Warner



Mohammad Amir

Saurav Ganguly


“As of now, Virat Kohli is the greatest batsman of the world.”



Vivian Richards


“I love his aggression and serious passion that I used to have. He reminds me of myself.”



Virender Sehwag



Sunil Gavaskar


“To become a good player, you need talent. To become a great player, you need attitude like Virat Kohli.”



Aaron Finch




Harbhajan Singh


“Virat thrives in pressure situation. The more the pressure on Virat, better he plays. There aren’t too many batsmen in the world cricket today who love chasing and burden of trying to overtake a big score.”


Michael Vaughan


Harsha Bhogle


“I think Virat Kohli has a GPS fitted in his mind. He can pick the gaps so easily.”



Brian Lara




Michael Clarke


“Watching Virat Kohli bat reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar.”



Nasser Hussain


“If you want to know how the team is performing, look at Virat Kohli’s face.”

M.S Dhoni


“Virat has been fantastic over the years; if you see what really counts is how you can improve your game. Right from the very first game that he played for India, he is somebody who always wanted to improve and he always wanted to contribute in the team’s win and by contribution it was not a small, he always wanted to be the Man of the Match in those terms”




And finally, Lata Mangeshkar summarized it in the most beautiful way possible.


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