Talent ka pitaara Vir Das has showcased his journey in Bollywood through his remarkable performances in Go Goa Gone, Delhi Belly and Badmaash Company opening our hearts to his innocent smile and quirky attitude.

vir das in a still from the movie go goa gone
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He actually started his career in standup comedy but after giving us all mast vibes with Baba ji ki booti, soon he moved back to explore the entertainment industry a bit more with his witty packets of jokes. He is the founder of ‘Weirdass Comedy’, a comedy production studio based in Mumbai.

And leaving no stone unturned this musician, actor and comedian has done over 18 films and 100 stand-ups including International shows and Hollywood movies, he is now passing on his knowledge through PowerTalks hosted by MyCaptain.

In this laugh and learn Free Live Session he will be giving some gyaan about how to ‘Launch Your Career in Entertainment’.

vir das performing a set of stand up comedy holding a cup of tea
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And there is no chance anyone would want to miss out on learning from Vir who is now known for his kaafi relatable (read: savage) standup moments.

 “It’s simple. Comedy is not democratic. But democracy shouldn’t be this  comedy either.” 

“Surround yourself with a bunch of like-minded people, and you’ll soak up their habits like a starved sponge. Fat people with fat friends care less about their weight.”

“To me, the trick is not how can I make people laugh. It is, how can I make people laugh in a different way.”

“Non-Indians, cookie is just an overweight biscuit with low self-esteem. Parle-G, yo, is the greatest biscuit in the world with tea. Parle-G with tea, you shall not share with anybody. And Parle-G without tea? That’s for doggies.”

vir das laughing in a still from an interview
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So if you’re thinking of just starting out in entertainment,

but don’t really know where to begin or how to approach it or just feeling confused, this one is all for you. Register for the event at MyCaptain PowerTalks. 

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As he rightly says – “Comedy is a live art, and the only way to record a comedy rock album is to do it live. The audience and their laughter is just as much a part of the album sound as our music. No retakes, no room for error.”