Our favorite movies and TV shows have given us lovable heroes and characters we cherish but here are some villains we were supposed to hate but we ended up liking them.

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Jaime, Game of Thrones

in photo jamie lannister charcater from the show game of thrones
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The king of “characters we were supposed to hate but ended up rooting for!”


Negan, The Walking Dead

in photo the character negan rom the tv show the walking dead
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This charming crazy person potato-smashed our favorite characters’ heads 10 minutes into his introduction BUUUUUUT. We also have a soft spot for him because a) he has changed b) he’s vvv charming! I hate him but also kinda sorta don’t hate him

Draco, Harry Potter

in photo draco malfoy character from the movie series of harry potter
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I mean, yes, he absolutely deserved that Hermione’s punch in the face, and maybe a few (a lot) more. He was th O probably a mean bich, but not evil. Deep down, he wanted to be a better person. He was just conflicted cuz of the fucked up family he grew up in. Idk, i think he deserved better.

Theon Greyjoy

in photot theon greyjoy from the show game of thrones
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From kinda liking him to absolutely wanting to stab him in the eye seven times to feeling kinda sorry for him to actually liking him again to crying when he died. Wow, that’s one character arc.


in photo the animated character megamind from the movie megamind
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He wanted to be a super villain but becomes a hero. Really love how this movie explores the concept of heroes and villains.

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Snape, Harry Potter

in photo the character of professor snape from the movie series of harry potter
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Still not sure how I feel about him. Really want to like him knowing why he did What he did, but also really, a really hate him. A villain or misunderstood hero? what do you think?


Loki, MCU

in photot the charcater loki from the marvel movie universe
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King of “he wasn’t evil, he was just misunderstood”

Doofenshmirtz, Phineas & Ferb

in photo the animated character Doofenshmirtz from the show phineas and ferb
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If you know his sad backstory, you can’t actually hate him.

But just NOT HER !!!!

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