‘Veronica’ is the latest horror movie on Netflix and it has an insane rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix horror movie Veronica

This Spanish horror film ‘Veronica’ is taking the internet by a storm right now and it’s being described as “the scariest movie ever.” The hype around the movie also kinda makes sense given it is directed by Paco Plaza, the man who also created the [REC] series. (HIGHLY recommend if you haven’t watched it)

REC spanish horror movie

Based on a real story of a girl who mysteriously died after using a Ouija board in 1991, this movie revolves around a young girl named Veronica and her friends Rosa and Diana. They try to contact Veronica’s dead boyfriend using a Ouija board but accidentally make contact with Veronica’s late father instead.

There are way better trailers available online but this is the only teaser I could find with English subtitles:


But there are some people who think it’s just another over-hyped horror movie going viral.

Average user rating for Veronica on Rotten Tomatoes is 3.6 out of 5. You can watch it on Netflix as it’s available in English subtitles. Or y’know, you can also wait a few years for an American remake.

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