Inspired by the new series Upload on Amazon Prime, we asked people what crazy future tech would they add if they could create their own Upload World.



Here’s a list of some of the most interesting answers that we got.


  • “Paani ki bottle apne aap bharne ki technology”

– @k.a.r.t.h.i.k.7


  • “A technology that lets you relive through certain memories like we do in Assassin’s Creed. Like, maybe reliving a specific day with someone 🙂 “

– @xpertkanishk


  • ” An app that lets you take out food right out of someone’s insta stories and taste it irl. “

– @anujsangroty


  • “Crush yes bolde wali technology… “

– @down_and_outer


  • ” It’d be SO cool to have our personal favorite fictional characters as our squad in Upload life! “

– @shreya.chandra


  • ” A tech that shows you alert signs above the head.. like: DND/ Leave me alone/ Not now/ Annoyed etc.”

– @snell._.98


  • ” Having a camera roll in your mind with unlimited storage and photo is taken with your eyes. “

– @bhagyasankar


  • ” Deleting certain memories so I could rewatch my favorite shows again without knowing what happens next! “

– @mayanks928


  • ” Bhai nahi karna hai upload, ye zindagi hi kaafi hai “

– @amitwithglasses


The world is moving closer to new and innovative tech everyday, wish we could convince the techies to work on these life-saving ideas and have our own exciting Upload world.