Just like all the friendships across the world, female friendship is super sacred and precious. So here are some unwritten rules of female friendship !

shadow of two girls holding fairy lights, at a sunset scene signifying female friendships
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  • When your friend is wearing a new dress or glowing for no reason, you HAVE TO turn into a sasti Dabboo Ratnani and take her “candid” photos from every angle possible until they have THAT one picture. You know THAT picture. If you know, you know. This is your moment of deliverance. Apne Andar ka photographer phatt ke bahar aane do.


  • You HAVE to have your girl’s back when she’s out with pados ka stud-Rohan and tell her mom she’s with you with periodic “ji aunty ji, Anjali abhi bhi washroom mein hai, kuch galat kha liya lagta hai” You must use your creativity to deal w high pressure situations like these & have believable excuses on your fingertips.


  • You HAVE to be 100% honest with your girl friends. From “hey, I think you might have overreacted, you should apologise to stud-Rohan” to “oye, tere danton mein palak phasa hua hai”, EVERYTHING.


  • If your friend just got her periods in a public space, you HAVE to use all your connections and jugaads and get her a tampon/sanitary napkin cuz listen, this is not just a friendship rule, IT’S A BEHENCHARA RULE. You bleed, I bleed, we all bleed. Period.


  • When she sends you photos to select for Instagram, you MUST hype your girl with lots of super cool emojis and over pyaar vaale gifs, but still keep her grounded with “Anjali, tu SpongeBob jesi dikhti hai” every once in a while.


  • When your friend says “should I text my ex?” you gotta take her phone and nonchalantly throw it out the window like Farhan throws Arjun’s phone. Don’t blame the playa, blame the game and its rules.


  • After giving some time to your friend after her breakup, it is your janm-siddh responsibility to make her dating profile because Anjali needs to really get on with her life and stud-Rohan is a loser anyway. (And the said friend must follow because behen ne bola move on karne ka toh karne ka)


  • You gotta be the ultimate wingwoman and put Barney Stinson to shame. If you’re ever in the company of someone your friend is trynna woo you HAVE to list your friends greatest achievements & all her 10/10 goddess qualities in a very casual and not-at-all-planned manner. “Anjali? Oh, she’s da best, she’s da best, she’s da best. Yeah, she does volunteer work. She’s an all-rounder.” (thoda jhuth is ok)


  • Sorry, but you HAVE to stick by your girl friend through all heartbreaks, fuck ups, bouts of depression, existential crisis, rejections, job changes. Adult friendships aren’t just about grand gestures, no fights and big gifts, it’s as simple as picking up their call at 3 am to listen to their stupid rants, paying for their daaru, never letting them go to washroom all alone and just being there to support them with your presence when things go shit. Aur haan ji, ladke aate jaate rahenge, but you both are the real deal. Ovaries before brovaries.


So, love, care & give gilli kissi to each other (and also plan how your kids are gonna be best friends like you 20 years down the line).

Rules are rules <3