Animated films have always made us feel better from our childhood days. But, if you really love animated films these are some of the underrated ones you should absolutely not miss out on.





The Croods:

If this is how discoveries were made in  extremely ancient times, then you will so dearly wish to be a part of one. Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone’s and Nicolas Cage’s voice adds all the more warmth and goofiness to the movie pls to watch it if you haven’t.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:

This one literally had me laughing out loud. Pls watch this with your sibling, I promise you will have the most fun time!


Kubo and the Two Strings:

Can’t believe this went under the radar. Such a beautiful film, full of heart and humor. Visuals will have you *____*

Deserves better.


A Bug’s Life:

We sure hate bugs and give no second thought before smacking them dead, but this movie will give you a guilt trip about

every time you have killed one of them, except for machar (they deserve it). Crazy animation for that time, catchy puns and a gripping storyline: all to understand a bug’s life (yeah they also have a life! Much much interesting than ours).



Have talked to so many people who haven’t watched this film because its old.

I swear you’re missing out on a gem, It’s such a feel good & inspiring film you could really use. 🙂


Hotel Transylvania 1:

Is movie mein romance hai, adventure hal, drama hai, comedy hai aur bahut saare weird characters and pop culture references + voice of the leads by Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler.

This will hit you like an animated vampire version of DDLJ at the end for sure and you do not want to

miss that out. Baaki parts aise hi hai.


Penguins of Madagascar:

*Kowalski analysis*. 

Everyone knows Madagascar series is amazing but this spin-off film starring Penguins is just AS good if not better.

I remember having laughed out loud throughout the film. I think I’m gonna watch this one again.


Wreck it Ralph 1 and 2:

This film series doesn’t get half the recognition it deserves tbh.

One of my all time favorites quiz of the themes they always choose to bring on the big screen set at humor, at feels, a+ themes.


Plis go watch these animated films and get A1 entertainment.