Taking forward this month’s discussion over the topic Gender Equality, we asked people how they will “uncondition” their children in the future when they become parents and here are some answers that proves our generation might be those cool and progressive parents.

Source: vivelbyitc.com


  • “I will give them permission for outings on the basis of time and situation and not on the basis of gender”

@miss_agarwal 10


  • “Literally never make a difference when it comes to household chores. Equal work for everyone!”



  • “When I make my kids watch 2000’s ki Bollywood films (i have a list ok), I’d make sure to call out the casual gender stereotypes right there and teach them why it’s wrong. Won’t let Bollywood contaminate their minds like it did with us 🙂



  • “I’ll tell my son it’s okay to put multani mitti on his face, because the things that mummy can’t solve, a little multani mitti can. Skincare doesn’t care for kaun ladka hai aur kaun ladki. I’ll normalize all the supposedly “feminine” things in my household.”



  • “Won’t feed my daughter with ‘tujhe toh koi aur ghar sambhalana hai’ but ‘tujhe khud ko sambhalna hai”



  • “I’ll teach them it’s okay to cry. Men can cry, women can cry. It doesn’t make you weak. It’s absolutely okay”



  • I’d make sure phrases like “ladki ho na thoda jyada dhyan rakhna padta hai” “ladkiyon ki tarah kyon bhag raha hai” “ladkiyon ki tarah kyon ro raha hai” “haath mei chudiyan pehen rakhi hai kya” DON’T EXIST at my home.



  • “I will let them decide if they like pink or not. Not their gender”



  • “Won’t buy my baby boy a car and baby girl a doll. Most of it starts there. I’ll let them choose for themselves”



  • Mere ghar mei cheesy romantic films mei chalegi aur maar dhaad wali action films bhi, and I’d let my kids choose what they like & not sadiyon purana stereotype that “ladke action films dekhte hai aur ladkiyon cheesy romantic filme”



  • “My baby boy who will be 2 next month loves to play with the kitchen set and make tea. And I don’t mind really”



I think we can all agree that our generation will make the coolest parents ever! Not only we’ll teach our kids the history of meme culture and make our kids binge watch B99 with us as we steal the last slice from their pizza, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, we won’t let predefined gender roles & stereotypes carve their lifestyle & mindset!

We grew up in a world where it was implied that girls like pink, boys like blue, girls do “ghar ka kaam” and boys do “bahar ka kaam”, girls like barbie and boys like hot-wheels… [in Hannah’s voice, and you see that’s where the trouble began.]

But age old problems require modern solutions. And I think we’re collectively gonna change that by making these small changes of “unconditioning” at home 🙂