The Night Dipa Karmakar Made Us Watch Gymnastics For The First Time Ever


After a day of continuous disappointments at Rio Olympics, frustration of Indians was mounting up but she came to our rescue, Dipa Karmakar made up for it by her special “vault of death.” Although, Dipa couldn’t get India a medal but she did something way more incredible and appreciable.

Dipa Karmakar made most of the Indians watch Gymnastics for the first time ever. She made us cheer for her in front of our television screens, as she ran down to the vault table while carrying the hope of a billion Indians. We all jumped in excitement & live tweeted the hashtag #DipaKarmakar as she cleanly landed her “Produnova.” In those very few moments every Indian was once again united and proud of Dipa Karmakar.


Maybe 4th position for them, but it’s platinum medal for us

twitter reaction Dipa Karmakar Rio Olympicssource: twitter via @indiantweeter


She didn’t win any medal but she certainly won the hearts of a billion Indians all at once and inspired a whole generation of kids to take up gymnastics which is nothing less than incredible itself.

As you might expect, the reaction on social media was just priceless. From AAPtards to Bhakts, Boollywood Stars to Politicians, everyone came out to admit how proud they were of her.


We compiled the best tweets for you:



It was just beautiful to see everyone united after such a long time



Later that night even Dipa Karmakar tweeted





For a night of Independence Day of India, last night was certainly memorable. Hopefully we’ll see many more Dipa Karmakar in the future.



Also, just look at this beauty once again. How incredible is she?