After-School Struggles That Every Twelfth Standard Kid Goes Through

School is over, the admission processes have also begun and fear of the unknown has officially struck. You’re wracking your brain for what to do next. We get it, the struggle is real and here’s a little post to relieve you from stress and humor it up because nothing in your life is serious enough to lose your mind over, really. Irrespective of which stream you studied, whether maybe you chose it or were forced to study it in a manner of “3 Idiots” but customized to your life, or even if you took up something by interest only to become disillusioned by the subject later, know that every solution has a problem.

Nope, the words didn’t get mixed up. It just means that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an illusion, the tunnel is. Spoilt for choice, aren’t you?

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Strangely if you still have aspirations and happen to end up somewhere you didn’t want to be, it wouldn’t be the end of the world because this world has space for everyone.

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What’s the worst that could happen?

You don’t get into the college of your choice and as a result, you don’t get to do “unpaid internships for experience.” Which is just a socially acceptable way of saying “unpaid work for organisations that can clearly afford employees but would rather hire college students to save money and make more money.” You also don’t get to eventually land a corporate job which would’ve otherwise rendered you friendless and soulless.

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Yes, that was the dream. It’s sad how everything you ever wanted gets taken away by a mark sheet that supposedly defines how smart and hardworking you are.

To be fair it’s not like people who didn’t follow the clear-cut, tried and tested path to earning a living are majorly unsuccessful. People who were stupid enough to quit their well-paying jobs and tried alternative means to get paid for something they actually enjoy.

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Such a disappointment.

It’s okay to feel lost and directionless, like things will come crashing down if you don’t make decisions today. Here’s a little secret nobody is giving away, thinking to unhealthy extremes about something doesn’t necessarily lead to a good decision, and a bad decision would not be nearly as catastrophic as it may seem at first. Things happen and better things also happen.

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After-School Struggles That Every Twelfth Standard Kid Goes Through

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