OTTs are all set with ‘skip intro’ nudge when we binging but there are some TV shows that have got really captivating intros that we just can’t skip them.


Game of Thrones

Yeah, last season might have ruined the whole series for us, but sorry, no opening sequence will EVER be as ICONIC as this one! Love how the 3D Map of GoT universe keeps changing as the story progresses!

A masterpiece by Ramin Djawadi!



This opening sequence is literally hypnotizing! It’s been years since the series ended but this song is still gives you a different high.

Netflix: Skip intro

Me: Bitch I’d rather not


BoJack Horseman

If depression and anxiety had a soundtrack, this would be it! A+ visuals, a+ music, a+ context. You know it’s a great title song when you go to YouTube just to listen to it on loop! 🙂



This intro was WAYY ahead of its time, and the epicness of it is STILL UNMATCHED. You can’t change my mind. Goosebumps.


Scam 1992

Isko toh alarm bana lo apna, it will pump you up right when you wake up! Everybody is appreciating the music, as they should, but the visuals, man. Just as satisfying!

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How I Met Your Mother

I don’t think anybody has ever skipped himym intro. It’s short, crisp and SO FUCKING CATCHY. *strum strum strum strum* BAA BA BAAAAA BA BAA BA BABABA BAAAAAA

Man, I miss it so much. Wish we could hear it to a new episode one more time.

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“So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyy clapclapclapclap”

Starts with a bunch of friends silly dancing in the fountain, and by the end of the show, turns into a time capsule enough to make you sob like a child. 🙂



Nothing much, a man waking up and just doing his morning chores… except he’s a serial killer.. which makes it vvvvvv creepy and unsettling.

A masterpiece, I’d say.


Special Mentions

Daredevil, Peaky Blinders, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Office, Freaks & Geeks, The Walking Dead, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mirzapur, Stranger Things. 

Love how the intro of the shows grows on us like the TV show and stays wits us forever.