The new update on the Swedish caller identification app Truecaller has got the users all excited because it answers our one important question that we need to know, the moment our phone rings – WHY ARE THEY CALLING US?

This new feature named “CALL REASON”,  lets you see why someone is calling you and gives an option to the caller to add the reason with the call.


Already the Caller ID feature of the app has got Call and Truecaller ki notification ki apni hi race but this new features definitely tops that. You can tell why the person is calling along with the name so that we can decide whether to pick it up or not or basically make it easier for us to ignore.

So even if we select “mar raha hu bas 1 min mein” reason while calling your best friend, they’d still ignore it. :))


And to answer the question of how this idea came to their mind, the Truecaller blog writes “We’ve been seeing tweets and messages from you telling us that you wanted to know why people were calling. It’s clearly a great idea, so we made it happen.”


Why is it helpful?

Because the receiver can easily identify the purpose of the call; if the call is an advertisement, personal, business-related, or urgent.

Apart from all of this, in the future they’re planning to enhance the communication of its users with a feature where verified customers can set their Call Reason for when they call customers and verified businesses to improve pickup rates and look into better relationships among Truecaller users.


Available for everyone?

It is currently rolled out for all the android users across the world, as the feature requires both the caller as well as call recipient to be Truecaller users to know about the purpose of the call. Available for iOS too shortly.

It isn’t a compulsion to use this feature as on Android, users can also turn it off in the settings if they don’t want to use this feature. 


And as Truecaller rightly tags it “Combine Call Reason and Caller ID and make your life easier.”, it sure will help with all the anxiety when the phone rings at any moment now.