Every night do you spend an enormous amount of time staring at the wall right now?

Eyes wide open, countless thoughts shooting around your head like bullets??

Changing positions. Puffing up your pillow.

Making up your mind to finally do it this time so you put the phone on the table.

But still can’t sleep, hmm?

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Most of us handle a great deal of mental stress everyday and it so happens that our mind takes a toll from it and screws over our sleep for good. Hordes of people suffer the loss of sleep through a solitary reason: OVERTHINKING.

We have all been there. Losing sleep, thinking about that one person or that certain something. The thoughts keep going round and round your head and before you know it, it’s 5:30 am again.

The lack of self control is frustrating and talking to someone about this feels stupid. After all, they all have one thing to say, “STOP THINKING SO MUCH.”

It is pointless to say that you should stop thinking about all that. Because trying not to think about something is as good as thinking about it.

Overthinking grows on you, to the point that you start finding comfort in it. It is impossible to stop thinking about something all of a sudden.

Think of your mind as another muscle that you’ve got to train, bit by bit. You have to learn to control your train of thoughts slowly, taking care not to wreck it. Self-control is the key to overcoming this, and self-control is built, not generated. And it will be difficult at first, but don’t let overthinking be your arm pillow.

To help your mind take control, start with the most basic and the most important step – take control of your body. They didn’t say, ‘a sound mind lives in a sound body‘ for no reason.

Working out is a great way to build perspective and confidence. Not only will you feel great about yourself, a tired body makes it easier to fall asleep.

Eat healthy, stay no from excess caffeine and alcohol and take a warm bath before going to bed.

Holding onto the past is not exactly toxic. Life has given us so much to remember and miss but it is the present that should be our priority. Think about your day, before going to bed. Think about everything you did and everything you can do tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a sea of countless opportunities and instead of thinking about what could have been, why not contribute towards what can still be??

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Indulge into activities that soothe and occupy your mind. Listen to some good music, talk to your friends or start a daily journal maybe! Divert your attention to active components of your life and let go of things that don’t matter anymore. Contemplate less and do more!

There might not be a reason for your overthinking but if there is a definite trigger for you, stay away from it. Don’t look at it or check on it after dusk.

For most of us, it’s our phone. There’s stuff on the device or the internet that you don’t wanna go over but you go over it anyway.

Don’t do that! Also limit the time you spend on your device before sleeping. Yes, locking your phone in the closet before sleeping might be a good idea if you have no self control.

Give your mind enough time to develop a fresh sleep cycle and help the process by training your body, eating healthy and staying away from things that affect you in a negative way. Overthinking grows slowly and goes slowly, so hold on!

Don’t give in to your thoughts, seek help from friends and family and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You might not know what the next day holds for you but as you tuck yourself in while reading this, I hope to put a smile on your face by saying, “You will be alright.”

Much love.