For those who don’t know, WWE has been using Jinder Mahal as a big marketing gimmick for more than six months to grow their presence more in a big market that is India. All building up to the climax that happened last night when Triple H delivered two pedigrees and defeated Jinder Mahal in a “supershow” WWE live event in India.

Triple H and Jinder Mahal

But before we get to that, quick question, why is 2017 so set on messing with almost everything that holds any nostalgic value for us? like most recently, we watched Kurt Angle wrestling with Bal Veer on Indian television?! it almost dented my childhood memories.

And to make 2017 a little more cringeworhty, here we have a video of Triple H doing bhangra with Jinder Mahal and Singh brothers after a WWE live Match in India. Happy cringing.

I don’t know, younger fans might actually enjoy the growing presence of WWE in India these days, but for a person who grew up watching WWE in the early 2000s, this is just too much to handle.

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But then at least the game stayed true to his character by delivering a pedigree at the end.