Friday ko soye the Monday ko ankh khuli WEEKEND KAHAN GAYA people, I hear you! And especially 2020 ne jo T20 khela hai, weekends weekdays ka distinction has gone for a toss. No fun outings, no trips (lol vaise bhi kaunsa bistar chhodte the) but most importantly – all the time home means that even sloth mode has lost its charm.

This pandemic has changed our lifestyle in many bits and staying at home everyday has made weekend not feel like weekend anymore. Here are some tips to recreate that weekend wali vibes.



  • You know all the things you want to do everyday ‘if only you had the time? Well, make a list of those. And those mast ideas that come in the middle of classes/meeting/ shower/sleeping, well, start writing those down too. Whether it’s making memes/edits, singing, reading, painting, writing a guest post for The Indian Idiot – sab tasks/activities ka list bana do and pin it somewhere you can see when you wake up on your weekend. It’s easier to do when you have it in front of you!



  • Read that book you got from book fair josh josh mei. Or have a cooking sesh. Play some music, decide on an easy tasty recipe, and dance your way into it. End me you will get badhia sa snack, some gratification & gharwale bhi khush. Another thing you can try if you don’t do it regularly is meditation & stretching exercises. They can be soothing and energizing at the same time. Lastly, you can clean/reorganise your space a little bit. It’s another thing that can give you thoda sense of achievement plus fresh perspective plus making you feel a little in control of a world that has spun out of control pretty fast. Again, do whatever you want to. Apna hi weekend hai.



  • Now choice is deadly I totally get ki we wanna do everything and nothing all the time. But this is where you take the pratigya pick only one thing for the whole day, and – baki sab spontaneous.
  • Focusing on just one activity will allow you to slow down mentally – like legit decide ki you have to sing all day ya paint ya whatever you like. And when you’re bored of it, follow your whims and so jao, bubbles fulao, friends ko call karke pareshan karo, taare gino, whatever.



  • Don’t plan your weekend with so many activities ki it’s stifling for you. Nor should you try to become secret superstar ek din mein. Like I said, weekend is about letting yourself BREATHE, so brain ko chill karo – don’t plan too many things. (Esp if you are anything like me trying to work on a 3-4 “skills” tell your MIND VOICE to STFU) You’re singing cuz maza ata hai. If you pursue your fun activity like work then you won’t actually be relaxed. But yaa you can surely decide ki ya Ima record one cover of this awesome song but bas. Baki go with the flo



  • What’s the one thing you hate about your weekdays? Don’t do it on the weekend. Break the cycle, shake things up! keep your studying & work to bare minimum because you my little stressed bird, need some rest.
  • The idea is to make the weekend as different as possible from the weekday, so you gotta change your headspace. For example, the guilt of wasting time gets to me often. So on a weekend, I give myself the leeway of just sitting doing nothing without guilt because it simply isn’t the day of work. It just isn’t. I’m invincible. I’m chill. It’s heaven.


Pro Tip: Floating Weekend

  • One thing that might work for you is to fix a Sunday and keep one other weekend day as flexible. So you basically give yourself the superpower to turn any day into a midweek weekend! The element of surprise is definitely a mood enhancer – esp since we have those unproductive days ALL THE TIME – so converting an unproductive workday into a weekend to let off steam is pretty healthy. This might be harder for those working/attending classes from home. But you can still keep a day for doing the bare minimum or occasionally taking a chhutti and not forcing yourself to work when you don’t want to.


Thoda jaldi uth jao pls.

  • Now ik that I just ranted about not forcing yourself, so I can’t advise you night owls to sleep/wake up on time – but if you sleep at 5am and wake up at 2pm then you butchering your Sunday no kidding. Ideally, sleep thoda jaldi, wake up by 9 at least and spend some chill time in your balcony or any naice corner with chai/coffee for you Mumbaikars. But if not, start counting your Sunday from 12am itself don’t let it be Saturday night warna adha din to adha hi lagega na.



It’s essential to catch a good break especially in these trying times. And allowing yourself to unwind and not work, is as much an art as is getting down to work.

So, taking inspiration from Harvey chacha, plan your perrrrrf weekend like you’d do for someone you love – & make that person you.

Have a happy weekend 🙂