Locked down at home for more than months but Tinder has been there to save he dating life. If you match with your crush someday, here are some really cool Tinder date ideas you can use in 2020. #Datingin2020

Old Bollywood movie marathon

in photot the characters from the movie kuch kuch hota hai
Source: tribune.com.pk

Imagine spending the whole day with your date watching the Bollywood classics like K3G, KKHH, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Govinda films etc. There has never been a more perfect time for a date like this, bahar jaane ka vaise bhi koi zyada scene nahi hai.

What do you know, Suraj may or may not maddham for you 😉

Cycling date!

in photo the characters from the movie dear zindagi cycling on a road
Source: pinkvilla.com

What’s better than walking around? Cycling around! There are a bunch of cycle sharing apps these days, get yourself registered and cycle around with your date in a park or uni campus. Trust me, it’s going to be the best tinder date of your life!!


Book date!

in scene a huge book shelf filled with books
Source: collegeinfogeek.com

You can just go to the library or any book cafe and read separate books together in silence while sipping on our coffee. BLISS. Or if you want to keep it more safe, as you should, stay at home and maybe you can read out loud to the other person. Or maybe even listen to an audio book together.

That’s some peak romantic shiz right there bro.


Going on long drives is the biggest romantic flex again

in photo a blur night light while driving on a busy road
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*90’s wala pyaar has entered the chat* Going on a long drive listening to the playlist you made for them, and maybe getting some ice cream on the way. Oof. Reminder: Don’t forget to bring protection – mask and sanitizer! :))


“It’s the early 2000’s” date!

in photo a coloring book with colors
Source: sciencenews.org

*drum roll the best kind of dates. You pretend it’s the early 2000’s and go old school. Coloring books, Bollywood-Hollywood, Name Place Animal Thing, Adventure Island, Contra, Swat Kats, Recess, Dragon Tales, and what not.

If they can vibe with you on things you liked as kids, you know they’re worth dating!


Home Cafe

in photo balcony of a home with many plants
Source: homify.com

Who has to go to overcrowded or maybe even unsafe cafes when you can make your own cafe at home?! set up a friggin table by the balcony or on the roof, make a menu for them, and pretend you’re at a restaurant. You can either cook fancy shiz together or you can order in and pretend tumne hi banaya hai. Show me a better date ideas in 2020 l’ll wait


Online Workshop Date

in photo a laptop and a noteook placed aesthetically on a desk
Source: nyfa.edu

Every platform has gone virtual and now is the time to attend all those crazy virtual workshops and events together! Music concerts happening in London? Y’all can attend together. Yes, take those meditation classes. Learn that dance routine from that choreographer is Paris because now they teach live. What’s better than learning together? NOTHING.


OR just binge-watching The Office/B99/HIMYM/Friends

in photo the charcaters jim and pam from the tv show the office
Source: esquire.com

I mean, if they like these shows, that is. If they don’t, why are you dating them in the first place? Waise, Harry Potter marathon bhi chalega.


Or you know the, the classic 2020 date.

“Yaar accha 5 minute ke liye hi mil le yaar Gas station/society park ke paas. Kafi time hogya… aur haan, sun, mask pehen ke aayio”