What’s Internet without memes?


Every celebrity is under a gigantic microscope these days. Especially what they choose to share on social media. One wrong move and you can end up breaking the internet with your one awkward pose. *coughs* Baba ramdev *coughs* But this time it’s Tiger Shroff’s to turn into a meme.


The Photoshop battle kicked off when Tiger Shroff decided to share this human rubber-band photo on the internet




Aaaand all hell broke loose. Just look at these insanely spectacular memes.



1. Avengers: the age of Tiger Shroff




2. Haters will say it’s photoshopped

tiger6source: twitter/@joogasama



3. He has finally got a Tiger Shroff.




4.  Tower of Tiger Shroff

tiger7source: twitter/@my2bit


5.  Super Tiger Shroff




6. Insane, right? just hold on.

tiger8source: twitter/@dhaikilakatweet


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7. What’s better than one Tiger Shroff?




8.  Okay, now it’s just getting creepy

kaj1source: twitter/@eastindiacomedy



9. Is it, though?tiii1source: twitter/@haramyswamy



10. “Fight like a tiger, attack like a tiger.”strik111source: twitter/@eastindiacomedy


11. Statue Of Shroff, of course

tyy1source: twitter/@shrofftiger_fc



12. Okay, this is the last one, I promise

mehndisource: twitter/@shrofftiger_fc



After Photoshop ceasefire, the captioning began


arun1source: twitter/@zoomphatak



sapan1source: twitter/@sapanverma



tigggsource: twitter/@anupaminem


Let’s take a moment and appreciate the beauty & insanity of the Internet and Photoshop.



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