Hi. If you’re here for a critical analysis or a movie review, this ain’t it cap, I’m not a critic, just a regular bingewatcher who watched this film with her family the other day, and this is how I felt & thought of while watching it.

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You know that one moment in your life when you know what you want to be? Your eureka moment! Gunjan experienced that when she stepped inside the cockpit for the first time. Bas ussi moment ka aaj tak wait ho raha hai.

Also she wore a kaala chashma through out in the beginning kyunki “main pilot hu” is a major mood. Reminds me how in my childhood I also carried a doll on my back because I wanted to be Jhansi ki Rani lol.

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Petition to give uncle “Papa of the Year” award?! played by Pankaj Tripathi, he’s the kind of parent who would fight for you in and outside the family, and jinke support ke saath there is nothing you can’t do (even have 15 glass karele ka juice).

Honestly, what are we even without this kind of support? He’s easily the BEST part of the film, top notch acting, and his voice is SO 00000000 soothing and calm, it fills your heart with peace.

He’s Bollywood’s best. Period.

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The film probably gets extra in portraying IAF as a place of discrimination for the dramatics, which obv isn’t true in today’s time (or maybe even then, i wouldn’t know?),

But what i can confirm is that it definitely still happens in the outside world, which is GUNJAN SAXENA just sad. ‘Cause may it be anywhere that women go, non-conventional profession or a Wine Shop, they are always seen as if they don’t belong there.

And this movie nicely voices that issue.

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My favorite dialogue “doosro ki chhodo, aap khud ko badal lo. Kya pata duniya aapko dekh ke badal jae” Wow. So imp.

Every time Gunjan’s brother told her how she should back out because the world’s ugly, I’m reminded of all those times when someone in my family told me “beta, main duniya ko toh nahi badal sakta isiliye tumhe badalna padega” and it broke my heart. Sigh.

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To have a dad who protects you from chopping off your wings when everyone else is pulling you neeche, is the real support system. Jab Gunjan says, “Soch rahi hu Army chhod ke settle ho jau”, it’s her dad who makes her understand how MARRYING WHEN YOU ARE NOT READY IS NOT SETTLING DOWN. IT IS SETTLING FOR LESS and nobody should have to do that.

If this isn’t parenting goals, I don’t know what is.

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Not gonna lie, watching her in a chopper felt so badass and heartwarming at the same time. All the moments, from when she rescued the IAF officer to when her brother apologised saying, “main tumhe harr jagah bachane nahi aa paunga, but mujhe bharosa hai ki tum aajaogi” all of it is felt like a very, very personal victory.

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In closing, I think it’s a feel-good film and her journey is a symbolic insight into every day of a woman’s life with “choli ke peeche kya hai” playing in the bg. This is not a story of IAF, it is a story of every “sir, voh toh ladki hai, kya pata rone lag jaye” & a voice against it, cuz, “Plane ko ladka udaye ya ladki, dono ko hi pilot kaha jaata hai. Agar plane ko problem nahi hai toh aapko kyun?”

I really liked the theme & obviously, Pankaj Tripathi’s performance!