Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer and directed by Sudhir Mishra, Netflix’s new original Serious Men released earlier this month and it called for a family movie night and here are some thoughts we had after watching the movie.


Me to my parents: haan ek nayi movie aayi hai Netflix pe, saath dekthe hai….

*20 seconds into the opening scene*



The movie starts off with a song in the background, in which there’s a voice over by Nawaz, “Ye gaana mere ko bahut acha lagta hai.. kaiko? pata nahi. Lekin iska matlab samjh mei nahi aata mere ko. Aur jiska koi matlab nahi hota woh gaana har situation mei baj sakta hai. Zindagi bhi aisi hai. complex.. bematlab hi insaan paida hota hai, aur bematlab hi marta hai!”

And it sets the tone of the film.



It’s basically the story of a man named Ayyan and his kid Adi. Ayyan works as a PA to a big shot Astronomer. He thinks it is only the geniuses that are respected in the society. He wants his kid not to be Like him but like the ‘Serious Men He works for. In pursuit of breaking through the system that keeps people like him on a leash and to make sure his son doesn’t go through the same troubles in life as him, he comes up w elaborate schemes to make his kid climb the social ladder.


There comes a scene in the movie where Ayyan and Adi are conversing about how Adi is getting so many followers on Instagram. And Adi asks innocently, “papa Shah Rukh Khan se bhi zyada followers honge mere?” To which Ayyan instantly replies, “Aukaat mei reh!”



As the movie proceeds, it deals with a wide range of social issues along the way – from casteism to parental pressure. The entire story is covered around a Chawl in Bombay, and gives you just about the right cinematic feels. It doesn’t hold back the social commentary on the insecurities of a common man,

And Dialogue game. It’s SO GOOD.


This role is tailor-made for Nawazuddin. He’s at his best. If there’s an actor who can pull off the character of a man who is neurotic and troubled but caring and smart at the same time, it’s him. Matlab koi negative role karke Shi dil khush karde toh that is no one other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui!

Indira Tiwari as Oja Mani and Aakshath Das as Adi Mani will leave you surprised with their equally amazing acting skills.


Childhood is precious. And this movie explains that concept in its own twisted ways. I hope all parents watch this and realize what they are doing to their kids. The best thing you can do to your kid is to let them be what they want to be,

To sum up, Sudhir Mishra has done a pretty decent job of bringing a book to life and still maintaining most of its flavors.


However, the movie at times entangled itself while oscillating from one issue to another. It comes out a little messy in the corners. Though, it makes up for the eventual dullness with an a+ climax that may or may not lowkey remind you of andhadhun! :S

Overall, if you’re looking for something different to watch or if you’re simply a Nawazuddin fan, you’d enjoy it.


But I think, the most important lesson from this movie is on how to deal with maha annoying people. If you don’t want to talk to someone, it’s simple, just say this –

“I can’t deal with primitive minds like you.”

Bas. Life-changing.