We don’t have all high-fi demands from our colleges to turn into a futuristic world but here are some basic things that we so badly wish could be different about our colleges.

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Value for our time

No kidding, this is a major, MAJOR concern.

Colleges in India don’t value our time and it’s time to address it. They literally make us travel hours right before exams just to collect our admit card which they could have mailed us??! Spending hours to fill forms every semester?? If they mess up our result or anything, it’s us who have to fill forms and get shit signed from ten different places?!

Matlab bilkul value hi nahi hai hamare time ki.


The Curriculum

Ok, hear me out. The Indian education system is full of curriculum that is mostly from the last century that has very little application in 2020 and room for exposure, and we have had enough. Itna outdated material padhake padhane ka illusion de dete hai bas chahe real life who relevant ho ya nahi ho.



Familiarity with tools and work softwares

A lot of us are graduating in degrees that require AMPLE practical learning like, um, engineering. What’s the point of teaching theoretical how-do’s of work tools & softwares without any substantial lab work? Lab ke lectures toh lunch hours hote the professors ke, amirite or amirite?

Practical approach was #MajorMissing

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More support for co curricular activities!

Saal bhar Inke liye fests attend karo, awards Jeeto, naam kamao. Waapas aane pe, “Well donel” keh kar palla jhaad lete hain. Phir apne college fest k liye sponsors se bheekh maango because apparently our college wants us to manage things on our own. Again, what a scam!!!?


Education outside classes

Having finished BBA recently, i would have liked to have a lot more learning experiences outside the classes. Maybe seminars, bootcamps, shadow programs, in-house internship, corporate field tours, consulting projects, and what not. But noooo, professors ko bas PPT maangta tha! accha ye karwa lo pehle aap.


Sports professor who actually knows any sport!

Aur yaar ye saare sports teachers apni zindagi se itne sidhe kyu hote hain??

From school to college, most of us got a grumpy guy with a cap and a whistle who would lose his shit everytime we would ask him to teach us the cover drive lol. What an absolute scam!!! deserved a better sports teacher.

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The teaching/learning exchange

Colleges in our country are full of uninterested teachers and equally uninterested students, the former of which read the entire syllabus of PPT and books and the latter just mug it all up a day before exams. Teaching becomes a liability and education becomes a burden.

Where is our John Keating???


Placement Cells

It is just sad how our college placement cells allow shady and deceptive companies for our placements; likewise for internships and jobs. I remember for my summer internship, I had joined a company who was only trying to exploit the interns as potential customers for selling their insurance policies. I complained to my placement cell and they turned a deaf ear towards the issue.



Student welfare bodies

A glorified moniker for a room storing tents and brooms and collecting dust and cobwebs.

An absolute sham!!! Even the local chaiwallah asks us everyday, “Aur bhaiya, sab theek?” as opposed to these bodies created for our “welfare”.

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