With an year as cursed as 2020 goes by and we reach September despite all the ups and downs, here are some things to remember today and for rest of the year.

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  • First of all, look out for yourself when it feels like the whole damn kayanat is plotting against you. Because hey, nothing matters more than you, than you. So, if today, you’re feeling low because you lost your job or you got dumped or lost someone or feel stuck in any way, know that it isn’t you. It’s the situation you’re in right now. Stop identifying with your problems. & here’s the thing about situations.. woh kuch time mei pass ho jaaati hai. All I’m asking you to be is a little more hopeful cuz you deserve that shit!


  • Clean your fucking room.

I don’t know if anyone said this to you today or not, but, CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Your surroundings actually resonate w your mental health. Jitna cluttered room space hoga, utna cluttered headspace bhi. So first step is to sort your room, for life ko sort karenge. And do it regularly this month. You’ll see the difference by the end of September.


  • If you’re feeling lost, its okay.

It’s like we all have a craving for certainty, to have everything figured out, even far in the future. Just want certainty now, just want certainty later. Which is honestly unrealistic cuz we don’t know shit, man. Really. All we can do is be certain of your next step. Next day. That’s all you need to know. Everything else will pan out okay in time. To sum it up, one jigsaw piece at a time, picture will turn out okay. Doesn’t make you feel less lost, but you feel okay being lost. Makes sense?


  • “Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward”

I always remind myself this when I need to hear that progress in life isn’t linear. Sometimes we feel like we’re finally making progress but the next moment we find ourselves stumbling, falling back into old pattern.. it’s easy to lose yourself in that loop of thoughts but that’s when you need to remind yourself that you’re not back at ground zero. Look around. You’ve come a long way 🙂


  • Choose your feed wisely.

You spend so much time scrolling on Instagram and often come across posts by certain people/accounts that bring out negative emotions in you. Detoxing is the way to go. It’s been a while since you did diwali cleaning anyway. Unfollow, mute, block, whatever. Or follow artists and creators that inspire you. Know how they say choose your friends wisely.. same goes for your following list.


  • If you often find yourself feeling sad & lonely at night, make yourself a goddamn night routine.

It helps so much. Once you have a set of tasks that you do daily before sleeping, a) you’ll have something to look forward to at night and less time to overthink. b) it also helps you fall asleep faster cuz your brain knows it’s time to sleep. It takes at least a few weeks to build a routine, so be patient and it’s okay to stumble once in a while. For me, these days it’s stretching, watching a documentary, reading a book, watching a video on youtube & then meditation. It could be anything for you.


  • Surprise yourself with selfcare day.

Jis din you free yourself from work stress, relationship problems and other storm of thoughts you find yourself in. Give yourself a break to recharge. I think we’re so accustomed to screens these days, it’s so refreshing to just not use screens for a day. Next day productivity shoots up.


  • Aasman is the bff we need.

With August over and September all ready to surprise us, take pictures of the sky. Document your journey with 588993290+ others because all of us are under the same sky. And as poetic as it sounds, every time you look up, we’re with you as you’re with us. Everywhere, always.


  • Celebrate!! small!! wins!!!

We’re often so busy trying to achieve big, significant goals that we often forget to celebrate or enjoy the lil ones along the way. Acknowledge your lil wins! jab friend kuch chhota achieve karta hai toh full hype karte ho, khudko bhi kar liya karo Kabhi. Did you finally apply for that internship? a job? did you make round rotis? or did you get up from your bed when the world felt too heavy? If yes, jao, celebrate it in your own little ways cuz you deserve it. And when I say it, I mean it.

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