Bachpan had it’s own swag and to flex with some more of that in life, here are some things we did because aise hi, thoda kewl lag raha tha.

a boy hanging a bag on one shoulder

Hanging my backpack with both straps??? What am I, a nerd?? tangega toh bhai bas ek hi se loose utne zyada chances shoulder pe. Aur jitna piche of crushing thinking I’m cool.

Feel those books hitting your butt every time you take a step. YES VERY KEWL.

a scene from taare xameen par showing aamir khan and darsheel safari

Justin Bieber from baby wala, Terence Lewis from DID wala, Salman from Tere Naam wala ya Taare Zameen Par wala? Kaisa haircut karaun? Ek kaam karo bhaiya, jo sabse zyada cool lage vo kardo, bas picche se V banana mat bhulna.


30 rupees wala abiddas ka sweatband black acha lagega ya yellow? wait, tricolor hi pehen leta hun and go to my tuition classes. Crush ko lagega Cafe trendy aur athletics hun, aur saath mei patriotic bhi. Aur phir pehen ke patang udane chala jaunga.

young will smith wearing a cap on side

Wearing seedha cap is so himesh reshamiya, sideways pehen leta hun, sab sochenge US – oh sorry Status se aaya shun abhi. High school wali feelz.


Kids wore loosened ties, kewl people didn’t even tie the tie, they just hung it on their necks as if to say “bro im too kewl to care”. Whosoever did this, sunlo dhyan se tailor lagte the tum, literal master ji.

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scooby strings

And then came this trend which literally spread faster than coronavirus in India (too soon?) Multicolored scooby strings wale keychain. Ab sense nahi banta, but us time pe alag kism ka nasha tha yeh.

a photo of a girl showing puff hairstyle

Guys made spikes, girls made puffs. Height bhi 03 inch zyada lagwane ki ninja technique.

Uncle 5 ki boomer aur 3 ki CandyMan dedo jaldi se. Phir mujhe scooby doo wala tattoo abhi toh lagake ghoomna hai aur flex karna hai apne 04 inch ke tricep pe.

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cycle with beads in the tire spokes

Apni cycle pe ye 8 different annoying sounds wala horn lagwa leta hun, puri society ko pata chal jaayega aaj chintu cycling kar raha hai. Aur ye colorful spoke beads, coolness factor x infinity.