…and still do as an adult.

Dragon Stone

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“Mai chahu, mai chahu, dil se mai yeh chahu, dragons ke sang udkar dur desh chala jau” childhood me (also current me) would do anything to get his hands on this stone! Also, with the current haalat in India, dragons ke sang dur desh jana is a major mood!


Mr. Bean ki car

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Not a Ferrari or Aston Martin, this green box was my dream car as a kid. And it still is tbh. I mean, does your Mercedes have an actual taala on its door? Nahi na? Bas. I thought so.


Hair like Goku or Vegeta

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Pretty sure, every guy dreamed of having hair like Goku or Vegeta at one point in his life. And then just screaming and sweating to make those hair turn yellow and finally blue. For me? Gotenks Super Saiyan III. Dream Hair as a Kid.


Oh Toodles

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If you’re like me, who can’t find anything when you need it, Toodles would have been a dream come true. Also, fastest food delivery ever! Just say ‘Oh Toodles! and it’s gonna come flying with a plate of momos or Pizza or whatever!


Ben 10’s Omnitrix

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Why choose to become one superhero like Spiderman or Superman when you can actually become 10? or more like 10,000? “Yeh hai hero time!”


Apun ko Doraemon ke saare gadgets maangta tha

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Dekho bhagwan ka diya sab kuch hai, paisa hai (not), shaurat hai (not), izzat hai (not), bas ek Doraemon wala Anywhere Door mil jata toh bas… (waise mujhe BambooCopter bhi chalega)


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Going to your friend’s house and having Beyblade tournaments in a Kadai or Carrom Board was peak childhood. But unlike the ones in the show, these didn’t spin for hours and follow my commands or have Dragons and Lions come out of it. Woh waale Beyblade chaiye mujhe


Popeye ka Spinach

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This show is the reason why I still get excited when ghar pe Paalak Paneer is made. Dal Makhani is cool and all, but it doesn’t give you instant biceps like Palak does, okay?


Richie Rich’s Robot Househelp.

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Bas aur kuch nahi chahiye life mei. Sab sort kardegi Irona! Vaise Richie Rich ka paisa bhi chalega.


Bas babaji inmse ek gadget yaan tool dilvaado, baaki hum khud dekh leneg duniya ko !