Here’s to everyone who got their results today. Please know that I am very proud of you!


I don’t care what your score is or how well you performed in chemistry, I just want to tell y’all CONGRATULATIONS, I’m proud of you – for waking up at 6, making it to school by 8, coming home by 3 and leaving for your tuition at 3:30. & still managing to finish your homework and what not shit. I’m vvvvv proud of y’all.

WELCOME to the real adult world, it sucks you’re gonna love it :))


  • I hope you’ve packed a lot Maggie and coffee and will power and creativity. Because this new world that you just stepped into the moment you clicked “show results” is a world full of love, laughter, friends failure, lessons, experiences, parties and bathroom stall crying.


  • I’ve been where you are today, many many moons ago, so let me be your living and breathing proof of “marks don’t matter.” You think I topped my boards? Got 95%? No and No. But I still managed to make it so far, and so will you.


  • I have friends who were not excelling in academics but are working with some of the coolest and leading companies as graphic designers and game developers and what not. I’ve had colleagues who decided that they wanted to willingly join their family business. I’ve also known people who were very hard working and diligent but did not become what they had always planned on becoming, but they are doing so well for themselves today And I also know people who worked towards one goal, and one goal only and made it.

My point Is, whatever category you might fall under, you all still fall under the umbrella of “you’ll be just fine.”


  • I don’t care whether you become a doctor, an engineer, a fashion designer or a photographer. But I do care if you are happy and content. Kyon ki Itni padhai karke, agar tum doctor ban bhi gaye, par khush doctor nahi bane, toh uss padhai ka kya fayda?


  • I’ve been where you are right now, so hear me when I say this, I know that feeling of constantly carrying a weight around your chest waiting for it to be lifted as soon as the results drop. I know what it feels like to keep your roll no. just to yourself so no one else can see your results before you do, not even your parents. I know it’s exhausting to hear your relatives constantly ask you about your results and “aage ka kya plan hai?”

So let me tell you this as well, aage ka plan kisi ke pas nahi hai. We’re all just winging it I swear. Mujhe pata hai, because years down the line, I’m still doing it.


  • Your marks don’t determine your value and they don’t determine your profession. There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, just because they were determined enough to go out and get it. And I know you’ve got it in you, and you know it too.


  • Here’s a pro tip. Don’t compare your scores with your friends. Because you and them, though together since kindergarten, have very different paths to follow and mistakes to make and adventures to go on.


  • I don’t want you to beat yourself up if you did not meet your parents or relatives or your neighbour’s expectation of you-don’t go around measuring yourself through someone else’s ruler.


  • Not all of us are smart in a conventional kind of way. Some of us are smart with our words, some have very good hands-on learning skills, some others have groovy moves and some more have badass creative skills. And just because our education system believes in measuring us all through the same scale does not mean that our talents and creativity are redundant in a world that weighs them in a scale to calculate the exact amount of respect a member of this flawed society is meant to be given.

The rules are changing. The game is changing. You’re the game and you’re the change maker.

  • So go on, have some water, sit outside for a while, breathe and marvel at the sky or the greens in your lawn. Because your score in your boards is a veryrrrryyy tiny part of your veryyyyyyy bright and colourful life and also, very insignificant in the bigger scheme of events.

Trust me, I am you, from the future. 

And I am alright. 🙂