The Conjuring spin-off film The Nun is finally up and running on the big screens worldwide. Directed by Corin Hardy, the film is set in 1952 where a priest and a training sister is trying to uncover the truth behind the suicide of a nun at a convent in Romania, with help of a village farmer.

The Nun

What do you get when you add an iconic horror character Valak with a huge budget and a creative marketing strategy? apparently, a gigantic disaster that makes you want to pray for the horror genre. The Nun is pointless. There’s literally no story-line that makes you feel invested in characters, it’s a 2 hour film full of random things popping out with no actual connection to the story (which also doesn’t exist).

The film uses the same horror movies cliches we have watched over and over again and have become so predictable it’s not even tiny bit scary. Being a big fan of horror genre, I was highly disappointed after watching it. The jump scares were so poorly done, you could see them coming from a thousand miles away.

The Nun is probably the worst horror film I’ve watched in a very lone time. A guy at the back literally said “ye kya cartoon network dikha rahe hai?” and I felt that tbh.

And it’s not just me, it has a rating of a dismal 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone is just as disappointed and furious after watching The Nun. Some people on Twitter are even asking for a refund.













Although, the film has opened to record breaking numbers at the box office, but it’s definitely going to take a hit in the upcoming week. If you really want to film a horror film, please spend on Stree, it’s not scary either but at least it’s a decent film with a story.