June meant summer holidays and no matter how old we get, these golden moments of those days will always stay forever with us.

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Last period of school before summer vacations. Bell rings. Khushi ki koi seema nahi hai. You tell your friends “aaj party karengey!” which basically meant friends ke saath pepsi peena aur funflips khaana after school. You come home with a khushi on your face that comes once a year. Garmi ki chhutiyan are here.

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Vaise 6 baje uthne mei maut aati hai, but summer vacation ke pehle waale din toh 6 baje uth kar park jayengey aur rastey mei flex karengey on kids who are still going to school cuz their chhutiyan start after a week. WHATTA BUNCH OF LOSERS.

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Literally four days into summer vacation and your mummy is already tired of your bullshit and says “nalayak iisse accha toh school hi chala jaata, chhutiyan de kar hume pareshan kar diya hai!” and then she asks you to join a summer camp.

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Waise idea bura nahi hai. Kuch kuch hota hai mei chhotu Anjali ne bhi join kara tha, kya mast summer camp tha. You check out summer camps near your place and ask your mom to get you enrolled. 

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S-C-A-M. Duniya ka sabse bada scam. It’s nothing like the camp they showed in kuch kuch hota hai. Learned how bollywood sells us bullshit at a very early stage.

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Either you wake up early and scream outside your friends’ houses or they scream outside yours. Badminton, cricket, running, cycling, exercise, football, sab karna hai. Ek cheez nahi bachni chahiye.

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Ek answer dhang se yaad nahi hota, but TV schedule ratta hua hai day-wise. Pogo, cartoon network, hungama, Disney, ek channel nahi chhutna chahiye. Subah ka Tiny TV toh bilkul miss nahi hona chahiye. Pingu kya bol raha hai, samjh nahi aa raha hai, per dekh ke accha lag raha hai.

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And comes the most awaited part of summer vacation, you going to naani ke ghar or your cousins coming to your house to stay. Literally the happiest one week of your year. You play video games all day(finish contra, snowbros, mario, and what not), paint after watching Art Attack and MAD, do experiments from Backyard Science, play outside every evening, and do all kinds of stupid shit together.

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Oh shit, holiday homework. One week left. And then puri family assembles like avengers to get shit done. Stationery ke visits, dry fevicol wale hands, and lots of kulfis. 

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And next thing you know, it’s July 1. The saddest day of the year. Cuz all your friends have grown tall except you. Bas fir kya tha, school reopened and we wait one full year to relive those days