Chaitanya Tamhane’s ‘The Disciple’ won FIPRESCI award at Venice Film Fest. It is a big win for the Indian cinema, as t is not just the first film in 20 years that competed at the Venice Film Festival but also won a recognized award.


Creating a buzz all over Venice and receiving abundant number of positive reviews and comments from the critics for ‘The Disciple’ which regards the world of classical musicians on the fringes of success, had its premiere at the Biennale previous week.


  • This movie is Tamhane’s follow-up to his debut feature “Court” which was shot in the Orizzonti (Horizons) category at Venice in the year 2016.
  • The Disciple Becomes First Indian film in 30 years to win at Venice film festival.
  • The last Indian film, directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan in 1990 was awarded the FIPRESCI Award at the annual film gala for the movie, “Mathilukal”.
  • The main advantage being that the four time Oscar winning filmmaker namely Alfonso Cuoron is serving as executive producer on the movie, which brings in more zeal.
  • The movie is about a musician’s struggle to keep in balance with future dreams and mediocre life in Mumbai.

Tamhane said in a statement that he wass very excited from the start of the journey. The producer, Vivek Gomber added to that, that it’s an honour to be the very first Indian film after 30 years to win this legitimate award at Venice. FIPRESCI’s faith in their work has always encouraged them to work even better over these few years.

The actors featured are– Aditya Modak, Arun Dravid, Sumitra Bhave and Kiran Yadnyopavit, ‘The Disciple’ also has Alfonso Cuaron on board being the executive producer.


Here’s the synopsis of ‘The Disciple’ shared by Venice Biennale-

Sharad Nerulkar playing the main role has entirely devoted himself to becoming an Indian classical vocalist, be it a lifelong quest in which very few succeed. Initiated by the old tradition of his father, he follows his dream with sincerity and respect. Attaching himself entirely to his artistic journey. As he strives to attain the most eloquent level of his craft, Sharad traces his path through the dark mysteries and rituals of past musical legends. But as time goes by, Sharad will be certainly forced to negotiate between the complex realities of life in mediocre Mumbai and his chosen path, which finally balls down to him finding his true voice in music added to his life as well.


The 77th Venice Film occasion, which concluded on Saturday with the announcement of main award winners, is the very first MAJOR international film event to take place in reality since the beginning of the pandemic.