Thanos memes and photoshop

Thanos’ Avengers Infinity War Look Gets A Photoshop Makeover

It’s been almost a week since Marvel Studios dropped the trailer for Avengers Infinity War, but the memes are still coming in strong. The trailer broke the all time record by getting 230 million+ views in just 24 hours and if that doesn’t tell you how much people loved the trailer, nothing will. But fast, Mr. Potter. Apparently Marvel did a few (a lot) tweaks with Thanos’ new look in Avengers Infinity War, and boy, everyone thinks it’s terrible.

And so the good people on the internet took it in their hands to give Thanos a complete makeover and the result is hilarious.


1. Maybe Thanos needs dhoop and not infinity stones, have you ever thought about that?

2. Even Kancha Cheena looks scarier than Thanos’ latest look.

3. Bolo zubaan kesari.

source: @niquotein

4. Perfect product placement doesn’t exis-

source: @GulshanNotGrover

5. The closest we will ever come to a DC and Marvel cross-over.

6. Fair & Infinity.

source: East India Comedy

7. Mandir Wahi Banaayengey.

Source: @TweetErrant

8. Two CGI mistakes in one photo.

9. Bruce Willis looks a+ as Thanos.

10. Thanos is the one who knocks!

11. When Thanos finds all the infinity stones.

12. Make Thanos Great Again!

13. Can’t. Unsee. This. Ever.

14. Khanos isn’t a bad name tbh.

15. Goddamn.

16. Infinity stones are love, infinity stones are life.


Let’s hope Marvel Studios make some more tweaks and fix Thanos before the movie premieres.


Thanos’ Avengers Infinity War Look Gets A Photoshop Makeover

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