After a number of delays in the processing of the movie ‘TENET’, finally it released this weekend on September 3rd. Directed by Christopher Nolan and is the latest movie from Warner Bros. wholly composed by Ludwig Göransson. 


What is the movie about?

It is based on a time bending mission leading to the prevention of the start of World War III and a secret agent embarks on this dangerous task. Basically, a travel thriller featuring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson.


Highlight of its release-

  • Just in 5 days of its release in the US, Canada, Tenet made $20.2 million (147 crores).
  • China being the leading market and biggest contributor has made around $30 million.
  • This movie premiered in the last week of August; in Europe, Asia.
  • From all other markets around the world, they’ve estimated the remaining amount to be $58.1 million (about Rs.424 crores)
  • In Russia it opened with $2.6 million (about Rs.19 crores).


Upcoming releases

  • The countries where Tenet will be released are as follows; Hong Kong, Israel, and Qatar this week, followed by Japan and Mexico in the following week.
  • As of India, the release date hasn’t been fixed yet. But it is equally awaited because of Dimple Kapadia’s role in it. 
  • As COVID still remains prevalent in the US, Tenet could bring in a few more curious moviegoers over the period of next weeks /months.
  • Tenet can also play along in theaters for a pretty long time than usual due to pandemic along with this movie being entangled as ‘the film which inspires discussion and debate among people who have watched it’.

This movie has climbed to an estimated worldwide box office with a total of $146.2 million (approx. Rs.1,067 crores).


Well, these aren’t great figures for Christopher Nolan’s movies, because until date the most expensive film was reported with a budget of $200 million (about Rs.1,460 crores). But this drastic difference in the capital is primarily due to the pandemic.

Warner Bros. also stated that there would be no context to compare this movie to any others, as the film opening was done during a pandemic with many circumstances.

Tenet being the most anticipated movies of 2020 could also be the initial stages of ‘the road to recovery’ for many of the theaters said Shawn Robbins (chief analyst at Box office).


Awaited to watch this movie and see how it unfolds altogether. And coming to entertainment  despite the virus,  the box office has never given up.