Hi, haaaaave you met Ted?


From ‘being left at the altar’ to ‘walking up to the girl standing under the yellow umbrella’, we followed Ted Mosby through the best and the worst times of his epic nine years long pursuit of true love. We saw him sail through life’s heartbreaks and disappointments, and still be our good ol’ Mr. Glass-Is-Half-Full. We counted the beers from his legen…wait for it…dary adventures with Barney and Marshal, to his long night with Lily the wisest and crossed our fingers through his undeniably precious on and off relationship with Robin.

Today, on Josh Radnor’s 42nd birthday, let’s take a walk down  memory lane and cherish our favorite 13 funniest Ted Mosby moments.


College Ted is definitely my spirit animal

Funniest Ted Mosby Momentssource: twitter

T-Dawg Out *drops mic*

Funniest Ted Mosby Momentssource: buzzfeed



Ted being Savage af

Funniest Ted Mosby Momentssource: buzzfeed



Only he can pull off the red cowboy boots

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Classic Ted

Funniest Ted Mosby Moments



Dude, always e-mail.

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Well played, Ted. Well played

Funniest Ted Mosby Moments



“Dude, I’m so high right now”

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Pulling ted like a boss

Funniest Ted Mosby Moments


When he forgot the spellings of Professor

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Grammar Nazi at heart

Funniest Ted Mosby Moments



Ted Being Savage af (2)

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Ted being savage af (3)

funniest ted mosby moments

He just has a lot of feelings!

Funniest Ted Mosby Moments


Funniest Ted Mosby Moments



It’s been over two years since How I met your mother dropped the most hated finale of all time, but I’d say it now feels like water under the bridge. It was one hell of show and we miss it.


how i met your mother end