Remember when you were a kid and your best friend stopped giving you attention because they found a new friend who was cooler and richer? that’s how baby Taimur is feeling these days. But you never think about that. No, you only think about yourself.

Hadrien stealing Taimur's thunder

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to visit India with his family last week. While PM Trudeau enjoyed a huge popularity in India, but it was his youngest son Hadrien Trudeau who stole everyone’s hearts. From rolling on the floor during diplomatic meetings to photobombing photos, 3-year-old taught everyone the art of not giving a sh*t.

As you might expect, Indian media is still going head over heels for him.

Hardien stealing Taimur's thunder

And he single handedly stole Taimur’s thunder.

Hadrien stealing Taimur's thunder

Indian media has been ignoring Taimur ever since, they haven’t posted any updates on his diapers and play dates. People on the internet are feeling sad that’s being left out.








Hope Taimur gets back the attention he deserves.