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Sacred Games Season 2 Might Get Cancelled After Harassment Allegations Against...

Netflix's first Indian TV series turned out to be a massive success. It not only received high critical acclaim in India, but in other...

Sacred Games Makers Answer Fan Questions In Reddit AMA Session

From fan theories and discussion threads to hilarious memes and video parodies, Netflix's first Indian series 'Sacred Games' is all over the Indian side...

25 Funniest Sacred Games Memes And Jokes Going Viral On Internet

Enough meme trends until the next season.

19 Best Quotes And Scenes From Netflix’s Sacred Games

**Spoilers Ahead** You're not alone if you're also waiting for the second season of Netflix's first Indian series 'Sacred Games'. The first season ended on...

Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘Sacred Games’ Directed By Anurag Khashyap

Netflix just dropped the trailer for their upcoming original TV series 'Sacred Games' directed by Anurag Khashyap Vikramaditya Motwane. It features Saif Ali Khan...

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