Gender equality in no way means talking about issues that only women face. Here are some things that are supposedly “feminine” but should be made okay for men to do. Very happy to see that things are slowly changing, but still a long way to go

Source: instagram/vivelbyitc


It’s okay to compliment other guys!

  • Generally, men think 50 times before complimenting other men because they think it’s “girlY” Kindness. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. Your. Gender. Appreciate the hell out of your guy friends because god knows they need it MORE OFTEN. Tell them they look nice and maybe start giving them a hug without being uncomfortable. (also learn to accept compliments from guys without being awkward)


It’s okay to cry and share your feelings with your friends.

  • Women generally have a lot of friends they can talk to about their feelings over and over again which helps them in processing those emotions. But it isn’t the same for men and hence the increasing mental health problems. So just wanna put it out there that it’s okay to cry your heart out when you’re feeling emotionally heavy. It’s okay to be vulnerable around your friends and tell them about how you’re REALLY feeling, and it’s just as much okay to cry alone while watching sappy rom-coms. Emotions ka koi gender nahi hota, khul ke express karo, even if that emotion is sadness! Also a pointer: when a guy friend shares their feelings with you, don’t say “bRo mAn Up!”


It’s okay to watch Gilmore Girls, 2 Broke Girls, Gossip Girl etc.

  • A lot of men haven’t discovered these really funny, feel-good shows because “LadklyoN kA ShOw hAi.” It’s okay to like serious crime thrillers like Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot, but it’s also okay to like these supposedly “feminine” tv shows & movies. Let’s stop judging people for their choices, sawy?


It’s okay to be scared.

  • I don’t understand why men are expected to be fearless creatures, nahi bhai, bahot dar lagta hai hume bhi. It’s okay to be scared of things; of baby lizards and of being a family disappointment. It’s also okay to scream when you’re scared. And next time if they call you a “girL” for being scared, just throw that chhipkali on their face.


It’s okay to express!

  • You know, men are just as sensitive and emotional, it’s just they have been conditioned to not be expressive “beCauSe ShoWinG eMotiOns Is a WeAknEsS.” It’s cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool to be expressive. If you’re scared, scream! If you’re sad, cry! If you’re excited, squeal! If you see a cute kitten outside, make cute weird noises! Agar dost pe pyaar aa raha hai, toh khul ke express karo. Learn from Jake & Boyle. Don’t suppress your emotions bros. LET THEM OUT!


It’s okay to like Taylor Swift, Katty Perry, Rihanna etc etc

  • You wouldn’t believe it but men generally get “ladki hai kya???” when someone finds out the jam to Taylor Swift or stan Katty Perry or any female artist in general. What is this behaviour humans? who’s making these rules, it’s almost 2021 (damn), let people like whatever music they like, let people stan whoever they want to stan!


It’s okay to take care of your skin

  • Don’t let society make you feel uncomfortable for wanting to take care of yourself cuz “Oh no yE SaB tOh LaDkiYan KarTi hAi.” Um, hello, no. Selfcare pe no genders. Use them face creams, face masks, body lotions, and maybe put on some scented candles and have a relaxing bubble bath like Chandler. And don’t feel ashamed about doing those things! I understand it’s slowly getting acceptance in society, and I’m very happy to see the change 🙂

It’s ALSO completely okay to not want to do these things, it’s a very personal choice that everyone makes. But what’s NOT OKAY is making fun of guys who do not conform to your rigid idea of age-old gender stereotypes! 🙂