When we watch movies, we sink in a new world that is created around is for that 2-3 hours. And we love superhero movies the best because for a while we all forget the shit we go through each day. So, here are a few superhero movies we loved last decade.

1. Logan:

It is a brilliant comic book adaptation, leaves you in tears. The characterizations and performances in this movie are perfect.

2. Dark Knight Rises:

Maybe not as amazing a sequel to the Dark Knight but its still one of the bests. It was a classic end to Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

3. The Avengers:

This movie was the first Avengers movie and was an absolute thrill to watch. Its so well balanced that it is almost perfect.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1:

This movie is so much fun with the songs that play in the background to Star-Lord’s mixtape. Also, Groot!!!

5. Wonder Woman:

Gad Gadot’s casting in this movie is absolutely perfect. Also, I love how the movie is so well composed with humour used at the right places.

6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

One of the finest superhero movies made, this movie also puts up a tight script with perfect action sequences and performances.
7. Deadpool:

This movie so dark that for a moment we forgot Deadpool was a superhero. :p But, through all the badass humour and bloody fights, this movie was one hell of a ride.

8. Birdman:

Not so much of a superhero movie but it shows how even in the most ordinary of men, resides a superhero who can make them rise above everyone.

9. End Game:

Do you really need me to speak about THIS movie? We laughed, we smiled, we cried and smiled some more. This wasn’t a movie, this was an override of emotions.