Bachpan matlab kuch bhi ! Seeking answers for anything and everything, we made up some of these crazy explanation for things as a kid and here’s a list of recalling some of those !



  • “I used to think Board exams literally black board pe likh ke dene hote hai sabke saamne tabhi everyone is so scared!”

And after taking board exams, you officially become an adult and start earning immediately.

By: @life_of deepika


  • “I used to think that sanitary pads were actually expensive napkins that are used in only 5 star hotels”
  • “I thought sanitary pads are just diapers for older women kyunki washroom jaane ka time nahi hoga”

By: @saaxxyyyy. @mann_ritzzzola


  • “I studied water cycle in school, intentionally threw cups of water On road taaki jaldi se baarish aa jaaye aaj garmi hai”

Yeah, Mr. White. Science!!!

By: @shanza_shakil


  • “I thought the actual name of Lord Shiva was Shivji. So I used to call him Shivji Ji”

I was today years old when I found out it’s not Shiv JiJi xD

By: @hrdya_369


  • “I thought American actors actually spoke in Hindi in dubbed films.”

Yep, I couldn’t sleep for days after finding out Tom n Jerry and other cartoons were actually in English.

By: @Exyzedd



  • “I literally used to believe that the world was black n white in the 1950’s and then it suddenly became colorful with technology!!”

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought of that xD

By: @urmi.gada23


  • “My mom told me thunder & lightning is bhagwan ji taking Your photo with flash on, so I’d pose every time.”

HAHA. I thought thunder was bhagwan ji paani ki balti bhar rahe hai nahane se pehle.

By: @inkiponkle


  • “I thought jo log Arts stream select karte hai unko bas drawing karni hoti hai.”


By: @mansi.jain014


  • “I thought “To-Let” actually meant toilet and someone Forgot the spellings”

Did you actually know the meaning of To-Let or were you normal???

By: @mimanshaaaaa



What are some of the stupidest things that you have thought or believed in as kids ?