From kaali billi raasta kaat gai to crows shitting on us, we all were made to believe in some senseless superstitions as kids. Here’s a list of some of these stupid superstitions we all believed in as kids and I don’t even know why !

a black cat walking on cemented road


  • Dahini Aankh fadak rahi hai, aaj game over” has brought so much of unwanted stress in our lives???? Or wait, is it bahini? my dumbass brain could never remember which one was which. I’d just go “aaj ya toh best day hoga ya worst, no in between”


  • Hello, excuse me, don’t come @ me if I stay lazing around on my bed the whole day and the only time I get up is to flip my chappal because “ulti chappal meaning ghar mei ladayi ya bad luck” Or maybe I just finding it oddly annoying. Idk.


  • Making a wish with an eyelash is my favourite. Sabse zyada cute and thoughtful practice, but didn’t you hate it when you had an eyelash on your hand and before making a wish yourself, the wind blew it awayyy??? Literal “Gone with the Wind”. Also, shooting star dekh ke wish maangne wala kabhi ho nahi paaya.
a shooting star in a sky full of stars
  • I don’t know who started with the “If I walk over you, your height will stop increasing” because whoever it was, I WANT TO MEET AND DISCUSS WITH YOU- KAISE?? I MEAN SCIENCE NAHI PADHI HAI KYA??! KYON BACCHON KO BINA BAAT DWARFISM KE STRESS MEIN DAAL RAHE HO??


  • Yaar Buri Nazar ka Teeka is the biggest UwU honestly. Humare parents and grandparents bhi kitne delusional but cuties hote hai. “Mere bacche ko nazar na lage, yeh lo, teeka laga lo.” AW. Ok mummy.


  • Craft classes can be dreadful when you always have “Scissor ko khaali mat chalao warna ladai ho jaegi” on your mind. Matlab, scissor usage bhi optimise karni hoti hai to make the least number of mistakes. Kaafi hard childhood, guys.
a hand holding an open scissor
  • Genuinely, all my life, mujhe sirf ek cheez se bohot genuinely darr laga hai and that is fruit ki seed swallow karlena. RUMOUR HAS IT KI PAET MEIN PLANT UGG JAATA HAI (and probably branches come off from ears) Scary concept to comprehend for a kid.


  • And then there’s OG of all superstitions; bumping your head unknowingly with someone and then bumping them again voluntarily fearing ki humare sar pe seengh nikal aaenge or some shit. Bumping my head voluntarily so many times as a kid is why my brain has stopped working as an adult lol.


  • If having good luck means being shat on by a crow, THEN I DO NOT WANT GOOD LUCK. PLEASE, NO MORE SHITTING ON MY “I took 2 hours to get ready” HAIR (though I could use some of the shitting before my semester exams)
a black crow sitting on a tree branch


Still wondering on who would be so bored in their life that they made these superstitions and people followed also. Creativity 101 though !