Let’s just say it: 2020 is a big mess on a messy platter of mess for students around the world. Board exam fiasco, DU online exam protests, plans to study abroad getting washed up & what not!

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But hellu ji, at least there’s a ~good news~ for the ones who put their plans to study abroad on hold because of the pandemic. UK Home Office recently announced that International students can start their courses online and even join the campus by April 2021. AND on 6th July, UK visa Application Centers in India also opened for visa processing!

It would be fair to say that the world is slowly transitioning to the ‘new normal’, maybe it’s also time for you to find your new normal and get back working towards your paused goal.

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Dekho, 2020 has already ruined so many our plans but let’s not let it ruin this one because ye koi goa ka scene thode na hai jo aaj nahi toh kal kabhi na kabhi ho hi jayega.

Personally, I grew up watching a lot Foreign college dramas and they looked so chill and fun, I always had a lil dream to study there. And I know for a fact that a lot of people have that same dream, but it often gets weighed down under the account of money, safety, marks and lack of proper guidance. AND DON’T GET EVEN GET STARTED ON THE APPLICATION PROCESS. It’s a nightmare. Plain and simple. Period.

If you also want to explore the route of abroad studies without wanting to bang your head on the wall a couple of times, you might want to say hellu ji to Edvoy.

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Edvoy is an end to end digital platform that uses AI and machine learning to match you with courses and universities, which you can wish-list and compare, and also apply online with uploading your documents. They also have virtual assistants and real advisors that support you through the entire process!

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Pro tip: Don’t fall for the stereotypes.


There are a lot of stereotypes involved hamare show off and tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas toh bahut paisa hai vaale friends ke according, the first thing that comes to our mind after hearing about going abroad is you need a lot of money! Well, it is not entirely true that this will cost you a fortune, in fact you can get a degree in the UK for 22 lakhs including living costs and our system will match you with many ranked universities that will suit your needs.

Aur so many sharma ji ke bete who are flexing with their cool college party photos abroad have made us believe that we need to score like a topper to study abroad, Another stereotype hi hai ye bhi. You will be surprised to hear that the GMAT scores that universities abroad accept is much lower than in India and that the options available for courses in your field are even much, much more.

So here is the right destination for executing your studying abroad master plan because with edvoy.com you can reach the universities that suit your need and fulfill all the fantasies of cool college life that we just watch on tv shows and end up with not just a degree, but a lifetime of memories.

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