Although ghar pe rehne ka plus point hai that mummy ke haath ke khaane ka unlimited supply but here are some lowkey struggles of living with your parents as a 20- something .

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  • You just can’t talk on the phone peacefully. No, sir. Just one important call bus ji ussii time kitchen mei cylinder ki gas khatam ho jayegi, cooker ki siti bajana shuru ho jayengi door bell bajegi, tanki mei paani khatam ho jayega, mummy ko fb seekhna hoga aur paani ki bottles toh bhool hi gaya hun ga mai bharna.


  • Doston ko ghar invite karne se pehle you have to rethink your decision at least 20 times cuz embarrass karne ki possibilities are endless. ENDLESS.  ENDLESS


  • Talking to your gf/bf at night is a luxury we can’t afford. Just 10 mins into the conversation and chill, one of your parents would come to see you bas aise hi obviously. “Is time kiska phone hai? Itni derr se kisse baate kar raha hai? laa meri bhi baat kara de vodafone walo se. Mera bhi internet nai aa raha kafi din se.”


  • We have just read and heard stories of our friends going on solo trips cuz humko friends ke saath trip pe jane ki permission mil jaye, wahi achievement hai. Solo trips are just a fantasy for us. “Akele kaun jaata hai?? dimag kharab ho gaya hai?? horror movie dekhne ke baad raat ko susu na karne jaata nahi hai, trip jayega akela tu haina. Jaa chal botal mei paani bhar ke aa”
  • Who needs an alarm clock when your father is an OG in waking up early and watching TV at volume so loud you can literally hear samvadaatas screaming about china at 8 am????


  • You kinda sorta want to be independent & all but you also kinda sorta wanna say “Mummmmmmy charger dedo”, “Mummmyyyyyy paaani dedo”. “Mummmyy meaning of existence dedo” !!


  • Yaar ek toh tum khul ke sad bhi nahi ho sakte, I swear. Matlab yahan tumhara breakup hua hai and you’re all sulking & shit and your mom is like “ja beta dhaniya le aa” CAN YOU NOT RIGHT NOW MUMMY SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO CRY HERE OK


  • Watching Insta stories of people staying out with friends at night partying, getting drunk and all and you wonder “umm ye kaunsi duniya hai jo maine aaj tak experience nahi kari?


  • You always fancy living an independent life but also know how difficult thay would be coz tumhe toh maggi ke siwae kuch banana nahi aata so you’re just privileged that your parents are still allowing a nalaayak dumbfuck like you to stay with em without asking for rent and other truckload of expenses. Jao, thank you bol ke aao. Chalo.
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Koi nahi, thoda sa adjust kar lenge, aur jee lenge in struggles ke saath bhi !!