Life is a little more difficult when you are clumsy AF and here are some dukh, dard and struggles of dealing with our own clumsiness.



  • If I got 10 for everytime I tripped/fell/hit into something, looked around to see if anyone sawmy me trip/fall/hit into something & then pretend that I didn’t just trip/fall/hit into something and walked away like nothing happened – I would have a lot of green lays at home by god. (if you don’t like green lays, you don’t deserve human rights)


  • I absolutely LOVE heels. But for someone who can’t even walk straight without tripping over nothing and looking back to see what I tripped over, I should NOT be allowed to wear heels. For my safety and for the safety of the people around me.


  • Ek toh we can’t ever have those movie Ilike um dramatic exists! like, we’d say a dopeass thing to win the argument worthy of a mic drop and exist but hum exist hote hue door se takra ke gir jaate hai aur alag level ki insult ho jaati hai sabke saamne. I don’t try for dramatic exists now, pata hai nahi hona mujhse.


  • Do you know how much I love white? The colour, not the race. But I can’t wear white. Because before I wear white, I need to tell myself that I’m wearing white so I have to behave like a person who wears white. But then I go out and spill butter chicken ki gravy on it. :))) WHY AM I LIKE THIS
  • And idk if it makes sense to you, but I’m not just clumsy in my actions, I’m also clumsy with my words. Like, mujh se decide nahi hota ke mujhe kya bolna hai, but mujhe kuch toh bolna hai. Sol end up saying shit like “have a gomazing dayorning” WHY AM I LIKE THIS (2)


  • And this is not even humiliating. Have you ever been to someone’s home for a party and they have a fancy dinner set out. And you’ve picked up a pretty sa glass ka plate and peeche se your mumma says ” Mrs. Sandhu isse na plastic ki plate hi de do please” I AM TWENTYFOUR MUMMY!


  • If you’re having a bad day, take some solace in the fact that maine kal hi road pe chillar gira Cmsy clume y plums diye the. And while I was trying to pick them up, I almost got run over by an auto. Oh, also ek baar mei chalte hue auto se bhi gir gayi thi. Aur ek baar ramp pe. Aur kal raat bed se while I was sleeping. ye kahan clumsy hai, yeh toh zindagi hai


  • And my phone. My poor, poor bechara sa phone. I paid good money only to abuse that bezubaan thing. I have dropped my phone so so many times, ab toh I don’t even check for damage anymore. Naa dekhenge, naa hi pata chalega, jaisa hai waise chalne do.


  • You know when you go out with your friends or your family and you order takeaway and you’re sitting in the car, lowkey music, eating mazze se, laughing, enjoying the food & each other’s company… yeah, never happened with me. ‘Cause I’m banned from eating in my friends / parents car. Khud ko khilate khilate car ko bhi khila deti hun.

Make all the fun you can, but it takes some real talent and dope skills to choke on air, tumble down the stairs, fall off chair, hit into walls and step on our own foot – and we happen to be VERY talented ok.