Schools made sure that we don’t live in peace during the summer holidays and loaded us with so much of homework. So, stalking up on these stationary items became a compulsory ritual before any summer holidays.

office supplies shot on rustic black background. A blank note pad is at the center and othe stationary items at the side

“Bhaiya, Handmade sheets dedo”

Because cover impression is the first & last impression when it comes to Holidays Homework Projects. Getting a fancy folder was for kids, real ones made it out of handmade sheets!


“Bhaiya, 3 glitter tapes bhi dedo”

Because teachers LOVE glitter for some reason. Dekh ke lagta hai bacche ne kafi mehnat ki hai, so obv gotta glitter up dem sheet borders, beches.


“Glaze paper hoga kya? acha chart paper hi dedo”

Summer vacations without buying colorful chart papers didn’t feel like summer vacations tbh. Glaze paper for craft was the shiz.


“Picture chart dikhana bhaiya”

And then getting these picture charts because going to a cyber café to get photos costed real monis. They had charts for travel, sports, history, & everything ever!


“Ek fevicol ki dibbi bhi dedo”

Obv, how you gonna stick those photos? gotta get badi wali fevicol because aadhi toh haath pe baar baar laga ke saste nashe ke chakkar mei khatam kar denge. If you were gareeb, you can also get blue dibbi wali gond or 5 rupay wali fevistick.


“5 packets A4 size project sheets ke bhi dedo”

Because phool patte aur colors dekh ke teacher itna khush hojaati hai ki woh content ghanta nahi padhti.


“Aur glitter pens, sketch pens & markers”

There was a time when these were the essential items in the month of June.


“Ek thermocol sheet bhi dedo”

For those hugeass fancy science projects like “India in 2020” well, guess what biches.


Aur jitney paise bache, utne ki toffees and chocolates side wali shop se. kisi ko pata nahi chalega 😉


Those were the days when we used to run away from homework so much, but hoarding these stationary items was a different kind of fun.

those days …..