Fans have been patiently waiting for Marvel and Sony to drop the official trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home ever since it was premiered exclusively for people at Comic-Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Which pretty much confirms the survival of Peter Parker but we won’t to know “how” until Avengers: End Game hits the big screens in April.

But wait no’ mo’. Releasing 2 months after End Game, trailer for Far From Home is also finally out now. Tom Holland just premiered it on his live Instagram video and holy shit it looks hella insane!

Watch it here and get aboard hype train!

Trailer shows Tom Holland going on a trip to Europe with his friends, where he meets Nick Fury and expectedly, some superhero shit goes down. We also finally get to see Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s finally making his Marvel debut as Mysterio in the film.


Marvel also dropped the official poster for Spiderman: Far From Home.

Damnit Marvel, you’re actually making me excited for 2019.